Nootropic Depot is not a brand name but a purveyor of adverse range that sells a diverse nootropic range online. Trendy products are the hallmark here. Then, it is the price range that is another attraction here.  The store website is parked on nootropictdepot dot com. The following lines constitute the ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review so that people come to know how it serves nootropic needs of its clientele.

Nootropic Depot is an endeavor of the Phoenix. The Phoenix is based in Arizona and prides in a collection that catches the attention of visitor for its diversity and reasonable price range. Besides products here are both tested for quality and guarantee of purity. Though the product range is expansive here, yet some names appear more frequent. BacopaMonnieri, Piracetam, Oxircetam, Anircetamand likewise products are notice worthy.

Supplement Variety

To begin with, the present day-nootropic manufacturer world purveys a variety of nootropic solutions. Thanks to the variety that provides a nootropic solution in the powder form.Capsules are one form powder type of solution. The bulk packing makes a certain product more affordable. This type of content catches the attention of an expert who is good enough to play with the dosage to formulate stack matching their own needs and preferences. However, pre-encapsulated solutions are fine for entrants or beginners.

Supplements typically come in multiple forms: you can buy it in the form of a bulk powder (which is cheaper). Or, you buy the encapsulated form of the supplement. Thus, ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review provides a valuable piece of information.

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Product Range

ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review informs the visitor that the entire nootropic range available here falls into four diverse types, such as, Filler or Scales, Choline Sources, Powders, and Capsules. The following lines of ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review are to provide merchandise related information.

The Powder Form

Nootropic Depot inventory displays fourteen types of powder-based nootropic products. Synthetic formulas, for instance, Aniracetam and formula invoke the power of nature, such as, BacopaMonnieri, adore the inventory with variety. The following lines provide basic bits of information.

  1. Nootropic Depot sells 30 gram of Aniracetam Powder for $10.99
  2. Nootropic Depot sells 125 gram of extract of BacopaMonnieri 45% Bacosides Extract in the powder form for $24.99.
  3. Nootropic Depot sells the 125 grams powder form of Lion’s Mane Mushroom marked by 50/50 and 10:1 features for $10.99.
  4. The price of 250 grams of L-Phenylalanine Powder at Nootropic Deport is $11.99.
  5. It takes an expense of $5.99 for a person to buy 30 grams of L-Theanine Free Form Amino in the powder form.
  6. The powder form of NA-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid is available for $27.99 in 30-gram weight.
  7. Nootropic Depot sells 30 grams of Noopept in the powder form for $8.49.
  8. 30 grams of Oxiracetam Powderare available for $14.99 at the Nootropic Depot.
  9. $12.99 fetch 125 grams of the Piracetam Powder pm the online Nootropic Depot.
  10. As regards the powder form of Pramiracetam, 30 gram of its incurs the $9.99 expense.
  11. 125 grams powder of Pure Ashwagandha Root Extract 2.5% is available for $16.99.
  12. A person needs to pay $7.99 for 125 grams of Pure Inositol Powder online at ActivatedYou AdrenaLife.
  13. The price tag of 60-gram RhodiolaRosea or the Golden Root Extract is $14.99 according to this ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review.

Nootropic Depot sells 30 gram of Uridine Monophosphate in the powder for $16.99.

What is more that powder-based nootropics here at Nootropic are in pure, there are no filler or additive blend in those. Nootropics Deport Review informs us that there are choices in size matter as well. The website lets a visitor browse the nootropic inventory on the basis of the price. The maximum quantity of nootropic available here is 250 grams.


Nootropic Depot sells The ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review reveal five encapsulated supplements here to be sold at the website.

  1. Nootropic Depot sells 60 Aniracetam capsules of 750 mg potency for $15.99.
  2. Nootropic Depot sells 50 Choline Bitartrate capsules with 650 mg potency for $19.99.
  3. Nootropic Depot sells 60 L-Theanine and Caffeine capsules 200 and 100 mg potencies respectively for $8.99.
  4. Nootropic Depot sells 60 Oxiracetam capsules with 800 mg potency for $47.99.
  5. 120 Piracetam capsules with 800 mg potency cost $24.99.

Choline Sources

Well, there is a price for relying on nootropics, headaches, but there is a good news too. There are solutions to this inconvenience. One solution is to add Choline to the stack. There are four choices according to ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review.

  1. 30 grams of Alpha GPC Powder >50% are sold here for $14.99.
  2. ActivatedYou AdrenaLife sells 30-gram packing of CDP-Choline Powder (Citicoline) for $24.99/
  3. 250 Choline Bitartrate Capsules with 650mg potency are sold here for $19.99.
  4. 125 grams of Choline Bitartrate Powder is available at Nootropic Deport for $4.99.

Fillers and Scales

Both fillers and scale make up an important part of the inventory. However, these are yet to find a place in the Nootropic Depot inventory. A person can re-visit the store, the URL has been provided in the start, to lay hands on some.

The Shipping Information

When it comes to purchasing any nootropic from ActivatedYou AdrenaLife, the ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review informs that it is easy as a piece of cake. A given person is to add to cart a product that appears suitable and proceed to check out. Payments are an essential part of purchases. E-commerce based platform facilitates monetary transitions. My Big Commerce is its name. This online store allows the user of credit cards that are in vague in the financial market. A visitor should bear in mind that quote prices are exclusive of any tax. Things get easier because a given visitor can calculate both taxes and postage on the calculator available there. There is no free shipping available right now.

About Us

Product pages, such as nootropics, hardly carry any information about Nootropic Depot, as revealed by ActivatedYou AdrenaLife Review. A person has to browse the About Us page of Nootropic Deport dot com to get this piece of information. There is a contact form but neither a phone number nor an email id has been provided there.