No one can imagine a beautiful face without healthy skin. There are some agreed visible features that point if the skin is healthy or not. Skin is to be tight and firm to such level that creates a shine or glow in it. No presence of line or creases, let alone wrinkles. The skin should bear neither dryness nor dullness. Same is the role of uneven skin. The under eye skin should be free from dark areas and bagginess. Even one factor spoils the appeal and moves the skin from the field of healthy and beautiful skin.Active Luminous Serum anti-aging cream shields the skin from said developments.

What Causes Compromises There?

The first time the skin has to compromise is at the hands of aging. Aging is an umbrella development overshadowing every cell of the skin, let alone a given organ. UV rays that come with sunlight are never amiable with the skin for their antagonistic role in stirring up another challenge for the skin in the form of Free Radicals. The nutrition a person takes too counts. After this, aggressors in the environment hardly provide a few seconds’ relief. Hyperpigmentation is another challenge to the skin health.What is worse, these skin harming agents can collaborate with each other to give a greater and collective piece of mind to the skin.

Active Luminous Serum organizes a rescue with its ingredient rich profile. Thus, elaborating the ingredient list content is explaining the contribution methodology.

  • Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract
  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Pinetree Extract
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Golden Silk Essence
  • Japanese Pearl
  • Theanine
  • ScutellariaBaicalensis Extract

Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract

Citrus Unshiu has many other names, such as, Satsuma, Citrus Unshiu, Satsuma Orang or Satsuma Mandarin. Citrus Unshiu is one of almost 900 oranges species in the world and the said one is a Japan-based species. Japan noticed its appearance more than a millennium. Since long, the said species has been promoting health (marked by youthfulness and longevity) by means of traditional medication system.

UV EclipsesThe Skin Beauty By Hyper Pigmentation

Nature provided the skin with a natural pigment, i.e., Melanin. Melanocytes in the epidermis, an inner skin layer, produce melanin. The skin color looks toward this notion. Its second role is working as a shield from the possibility of damage from UV. However, the long UV exposure can make Melanocytes function go haywire, which facilitate the appearance of lines, creases, and even wrinkles. It is because UV rays make Tyrosinase enzyme transform tyrosine into dopa and eventually into DopaQuinone, that is susceptible to oxidization.

Next factor thrusting hyperpigmentation of the skin is Stem Cell Factor. Stem Cell Factor can find an accomplice in the form of Endothelin can take the support of Chromocytes to get a greater Melanin production. Usually, skin tissues are replaced by new ones after every 28 days period. This transformation takes place owing to skin cell regeneration. When energy level goes down, the skin cell regeneration suffers and skin melanin pigment keeps getting accumulated. This happens to be another reason for hyperpigmentation.

Contribution of Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract

Inhibition of Tyrosinase is the first contribution towards visible attraction enhancement with help of Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract in Active Luminous Serum. Earlier lines state that Tyrosinase paves the ground for one particular skin woe, hyperpigmentation. The facial skin falls prey to hyperpigmentation for the frequency and intensity of skin exposure is way greater there. The Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract inhibits the Tyrosinase function and averts the hyperpigmentation issue.

Cell Activation

Above lines suggest healthy skin regeneration neutralize the evil of hyperpigmentation. This does not only benefit to UV exposed skin. There are many other. Skin needs newer cells to replace malfunctioning, damaged, aged skin to sustain its integrity and good health. Skin regeneration expedites wound healing too. Fibroblasts in the skin contribution to skin regeneration. Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract supports by rapidly increasing Dermal Fibroblast cell.

Moisture Gain

Water is life and if its amount goes down, the quality of life suffers. In addition, moisture keeps skin in plump condition. Dryness hardly dares to take away the beauty of the skin when moisture is sufficiently available. Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract appears as help for it carries Butylene Glycol. The extract helps the skin to retain moisture for up to three hours.

Rosemary Extract

The next notion that promotes skin health in Active Luminous Serum is Rosemary Extract, which hails from the herb family. Active Luminous Serum chooses it for experts sees Rosemary more or less a queen in herbs. Rosemary contribution is not a recently discovered notion. Rather, ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greek were aware of a connection between healthy skin and Rosemary. First assistance becomes available in the form of anti-inflammation relief. Caffeic, and Rosmarinic acids and a-Pinene makes this relief take place.  Inflammation ruffles the skin appeal in the first place. As a long inflation is there, Free Radicals keep availing an asylum.

Acne Prevention

Rosemary reduces acne that invites inflammation. Then, Rosemary extract lessens puffiness on under eye skin. The blood circulation gets better which adds a glowing effect to the skin. Rosemary carries compound that restores sun and free radical inflicted damage. If facial skin secreting mechanism gets into overdrive, problems emerge. Rosemary regulates this function too. Another Rosemary contribution to the skin’s well being is its antioxidant power. Free Radicals hardly find ample chance to unleash ruin on the skin organ while there are enough antioxidants. Active Luminous arranges good anti-oxidants in Rosemary Extract.


Well, there isn’t enough space to shine the remaining ingredients the way Rosemary and Citrus Unshiu have been. One point of elaboration is to let the reader know the earnestness of Active Luminous Serum stakeholders and their expertise that bring such skin health benevolent ingredients. A range of benefits become evident from the simple description in above lines. One can image well what synergy of all ingredient can do good.

There is one further good thing. Only those extracts constitute Active Luminous Serum that comes from prime quality herbs and likewise. The fear of something going astray is quelled by regular testing. Even dosage matters are consistently aligned to the formula by means of testing. Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee, Cruelty-Free, Made in the USA, and likewise attributes make ProvVitLift a fit-for-purpose anti-aging skin.