Adder Focus XR, as the title suggests it about making the brain better to give greater performance. This product is the result of the strenuous struggle in time and money by Path 8 Nutrition, which is an American entity. The aforesaid brain enhancement is actually a collection of nootropics by Path 8 Nutrition. People’s interest in nootropics is on the rise since the dawn of the existing millennium. The rich amount of efficient amino acids extends great cooperation to faculties of mind. These amino acids along with the mineral type of nutrients create such healthy situation that central nervous system becomes more responsive. The obvious meaning of these two developments is that a person can give better response to a given external stimuli and give more appreciating output.

Why This Brand Of Nootropics?

Path 8 Nutrition turns to only such nootropics that are constituted by bio compatible nutrients, rather greatly bio compatible nutrients. Reliance on quality making elements is that these are able to unfurl advantages instantly. The second salient feature is that these are worthy of using for a longer time. Another important plus point is that even the long term use does not invoke any side-effects.

Highlights Of The Said Product

Nootropic are good enough to turn over a new leaf. Effects after the said developments are many. The following lines mention some of those.

  • Memory retention becomes better.
  • Dullness becomes a past event that used to exist long ago.
  • The sharpness of the brain increases
  • The mind remains in an alert status for a longer time.
  • Stress does not find a field day to smother composure.
  • Energy does not let the brain compromise its work.

About The Said Solution

The brain health improving food supplement is natural on the one hand and safe on the other hand. This transformation owes to extract of natural herbs, such as;

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
  • L-Carnitine
  • John’s Wort
  • L-Glutamine,
  • BacopaMonnieri Leaf

These ingredients earned the nod on the basis scientific studies that show that the said range of ingredients benefits the user, both in individual and collective capacity.

Key Features


Path 8 Nutrition lists being natural the top of the list feature of Adder Focus XR. Path 8 Nutrition becomes able to insert this attribute only because of natural making elements there.

Formulated by Experts

Path 8 Nutrition choose such team that is expert in good and health related issues. That is why, there is no man made ingredient here.


Adder Focus XR is made of such ingredients whose quality is assured by clinical reports.

Sharper Memory

Forgetfulness becomes history and recalling give results each time.


Brain pays all attention and keeps doing it for hours.


The dullness of mind goes into the background and cognitive abilities get brightened.

Health Considerations

The following line consists of disclaimer, words of caution and usage instructions. These three aspects attempts at drawing a complete picture so that people can make informed choices.

Made in the USA

The USA is one of those countries on the globe that carries such reputation that aforesaid words suggest (without any certification) that a product is bound to give a fair value for money. One building block of this repute is the rules and regulation that ensure only worthy product becomes available.


Good Manufacturing Practice regulations work as furnace where ores of claims are judged so that chalk can be separated from cheese. The GMP approval stamp on label proves that Adder Focus XR is so good that it was able to come through the reality ascertain furnace set up by Good and Drug Authority in the name of GMP.

Possible Allergies

The facility that takes the responsibility of manufacturing and then packing Adder Focus XR, has connection with processing the following notions

  • Soy
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Peanuts
  • Fish
  • Crustacean Fish
  • Peanuts

Therefore, Path 8 Nutrition finds it relevant to inform people that there can some residue of one or more than one notions listed in the above. So, people whose bodies have developed intolerance regarding the listed notions, should take an informed decision.

Path 8 Nutrition did not get it assessed by FDA.

The said feat by Path 8 Nutrition does not intend to detect, restore to health, fend off, or treat any health condition.

Usage Guidance

Path 8 Finder chalks out some rules as regards the use of Adder Focus XR.

  • One Path 8 Finder capsule is good for one day.
  • However, if one capsule does not succeed in giving noticeable benefits, one can take another.
    Ideally, a user should swallow a capsule after taking a meal.
  • A physician can make a change.

Words of Caution

The following lines are words of caution so that the user can take an informed decision can stay safe from uncomfortable situations that can emerge in certain situations.

  • Top of the list, Path 8 Finder advises the user to keep it away for
  • The second piece of advice is not to turn to the overdose.
  • John Wort extract may invite the menace of photo sensitivity in the form either irritation or redness in the case of staying in strong sunshine or tanning booth for a long time.
    A user with a clotting disorder, taking anticoagulants or at the point of bleeding should refrain from the powerful nootropics under the name of Adder Focus XR.
  • If the Path 8 Nutrition beneficiary wishes to have a dental or general surgery, that user should stop taking advantage 14 to 21 days before the either surgery.
  • This nootropic can reduce the chance of conception.
  • Path 8 Nutrition’s developing team declares that adolescents, pregnant women,, pregnant women, people with seizure issues, people who have to take inhibiting medicines or suffering from some known medical condition should better deny them this excellent nootropic.
  • If a person intends to ingest some other food supplement, one should only do after a nod from a doctor.


What is good about Path 8 Nutrition is that it does not blows the trumpet of its Adder Focus XR but also reveals where it cannot help or it can give up its benevolent role. The integrity of the manufacturer suggests that Adder Focus XR is fit-for-purpose.