Protein is one of the basic requirement for a bodybuilder to grow muscles and Strength provides the solution, that is, Alpha Burst Test.Deliciousness is one assurance that a user will not turn away from even a necessary product. A variety in the delicious flavor fosters the assurance to the next level. Flavors here are; Belgian Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, and West Coast Strawberry. The product is fit-for-purpose for it earns the NSF certificate. The jar carries 2.02 lbs of the content, which is equal to 30 servings.The content is marked by 24 gram. The retail price is 59.99 USD but it dips to $44.95 when bought online, amounting to 25%. Strength makes it even cheaper by offering a 5% further discount, reducing the price to $42.70. The only thing that gets this discount is to for subscription.

In addition to Strength offered discount, there is another attraction in the form of 60-day money back guarantee. The web page provides detailed information. The stakeholders do not settle here, they offer more in the form of free shipping when the purchase bills go in excess of $65 mark.

Alpha Burst Test is actually a top quality protein to serve needs of a present-day athlete playing at a professional level for in a promised manner. This product is the result of untiring effort of experts in various fields to meet the objective of providing an effective, clean, safe for human consumption, and top of the list, natural. The Alpha Burst Test is the name of the new but superb standard to meet the protein needs for both players and trainers. What is more, there is no hormone found here. After this, the complete exclusion of banned building mater puts it on a high place. The natural Stevia fosters that position.

The Formula

Formula makes Alpha Burst Test in such way that culminates in a result drive protein of superior quality. The formula paves the ground for engineering such quality protein that earns a nod from both competitors and their trainers. The most recent formula here follows the 3:1 ratio of Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate.  The source of protein is the cattle, (cows) that gives hormone-free milk and eat grass. Nutritionist find that mild taken from grass-fed cows is better than that gotten from such cows that are feed on corn or soybeans. The content of nutrients, amino acid profile, and efficient CLA (assisting fat shedding)make the former type of milk better suited.

Whey Contribution

There two variations of Whey Protein, Isolate and Concentrate, with a superb ratio of 3:1, which helps the body to do following tasks.

  1. Building Lean Muscles
  2. Repairing tissues and muscles.
  3. The cardiovascular system gives better results.
  4. Blood pressure stays


Taste too takes the side of Alpha Burst Test because it tastes delicious. Its natural taste puts on sweet trappings because of stevia. Then, this whey gets blend in a smooth manner. Thus, Alpha Burst Test protein does not leave any burden on the conscious of the user while building muscles side by side shake and smoothies. The complete avoidance of adverse impurities, proscribed ingredients and synthetic sweetener complement natural composition of the said brand.

Further Features

These feature highlight that the said protein brand sticks out of a mile.

  • In the first place, the result is the raison d’être of Alpha Burst Test.
  • Alpha Burst Test has a proven modus operandi to develop leans muscles in quick and safe manner.
  • Alpha Burst Test delivers efficient recovery from tiredness, which means quick recovery and excellent performance consequently.
  • Ingredients employed here are superb.
  • Both types of whey proteins (Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate) are excellent.
  • The sources are fed on grass without a slight doubt and this distinguishes this brand.
  • Safety is promised.
  • Safety is further supported by NSF certification for sport.
  • Safety assurance reaches next level with the exclusion of rBGH(Bovine Growth Hormones).
  • Serving Information
  • One serving weighs one gram and carries 24 grams of protein. One serving adds 110 calories to the protein user. One bottle serves 30 servings

Other Key Active Ingredients

Stevia leaf serves one particular purpose of Alpha Burst Test. The presence of 10.77% fibre puts Stevia on a high place, in addition to being a natural sweetener. What is more, metabolism gets even better. The stevia leaf extract brings enough amount of important nutrients like zinc, Vitamin B3, potassium and zinc.

Dextrose is another sweetening agent here in the ingredient profile of Alpha Burst Test. This sugar is derived from corn. Health experts find it tasting 30% less than refined sugar. Then, building muscles and reducing weight get help from Dextrose.

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Xanthan gum, which is another effective ingredient here. Its source list is comprised wheat, soy or corn The availability of 7 grams in every tablespoon of Alpha Burst Test is another positive trait here. Xanthan gum puts a lid on cholesterol and sugar levels in the body.

Allergen Warning

There are some possibilities of allergen in the said brand of whey protein. The reason is them manufacturing facility where some such food types are processes that are uncomfortable for some people. Those food names are in the following:

  • Milk
  • Soybeans
  • Fish
  • Wheat
  • Shellfish
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts

The details ingredient profile is available on the website.

Usage Instructions

There is no time restriction on usage timing of Alpha Burst Test. Then, the buyer can use Alpha Burst Test to be used in smoothies in the morning. Then, one can make one’s pre-workouts or post-works out even better. A person can choose to send Alpha Burst Test into thestomach as a snack between meals. Anyway, it still remains a superb source of protein.

One scoop is fine for one day. One has to take it with six or eight ounces of water. If water does not make up some greater choice, one can always prefer some beverage to water.

Storage Instructions

Alpha Burst Test instructs the buyer to keep the bottle in a cool as well as dry place. The formulating team forbids from storing in a refrigerator. Once opened, the bottle should be consumed in 90 days.