Present day developments declare that only that person can survive on this cut-throat island whose cognitive output is greater than others. This need spurs many manufacturers to present what the best nootropic solution they can bring to people. Cognivex Clarity is one of those nootropic manufacturing entities, which gets ahead of its peers by launching three nootropics products, that is, BriteSmart, BriteShot, and BriteShield. Following lines are about this Cognivex Clarity gamut.


Cognivex Clarity launches BriteSmart to help its user excel in focus, memorizing and memory recalling and concentration matters. A BriteSmart bottle carries 30 pills, and costs $69.95 as aone-time purchase. The price gets discounted to $59.95 in case of BriteSmart subscription.


BriteSmart comes with a formula protected by propriety shield around it on the one hand clinically tested nutraceuticals in the formula on the other hand. No wonder, this rigorous Brite approach cause an optimization of brain function, bring about an improvement in memory, an enhancement into mental focus and an increase in the brain energy. This large-scale research makes BriteSmarta naturally powerful but also an effective formula that benefit intra brain cell communication by dint of spurring cerebral blood circulation. It goes without saying BriteSmart causes a rise in oxygen and glucose uptake for the brain.

Furthermore, BriteSmart appears valuable owing to its mood improving and stress diminishing potential. Experts agree that mood and stress always pose a challenge to the brain’s increasing its cognitive output. BriteSmart does not turn to some unknown, entrant, fragile, rare, unfamiliar and likewise type of ingredients. BriteSmart sticks to natural ingredients that have been a source of benevolence for two decades in the supplement market.


There is only instruction printed on BriteSmart label, take three pills on a full stomach.

Words To Bear In Mind

  • Keep it away from children.
  • Keep it away from under 16’s as well.
  • Consult a doctor if the user is a pregnant woman.
  • See a doctor if the user is a nursing mother.
  • Take a piece of advice from a doctor if the user is suffering from some uncomfortable condition.
  • If adverse effects begin appearing, stop taking BriteForce and visit a health facility.

Ingredient Profile

Biotin with 375 mcg and Ceretrophin with 1,661 mg potency make up this BriteSmart along with the proprietary blend. There are only names mentioned there. No preservative, added sugar, starch and allergens like gluten and soy are present here.


  • Sounder sleep.
  • Greater mental metabolism.
  • Improved Focus.
  • Resistance to oxidative stress.
  • Memory gets stronger and more responsive.
  • Glucose and oxygen utilization improves.
  • Acetylcholine enhancement takes place.


The second BriteFous product is BriteShot in the form of drink. When it comes to BriteShot purchasing, Cognivex Clarity gives many buying choices. The sample pack costs $7.95. The 12-can pack BriteShot carries the price of $43.95. Its price tag sheds five US Dollar when a person chooses to buy through the subscription plan. Thus, this auto-shipping brings $5 savings. BriteShot. The next purchase choice is the 24 BriteShot bottle pack for a price of $79.95. This price can lower too if the buyer chooses the auto-sipping choice. This choice saves ten US Dollars to that person for each 24 pack. Protection, detoxification, and restoration are the hallmarks of Brite Shot.

Despite the difference in a state of mattes, BriteShot does the same nootropic benefit to the brain as does BriteSmart. The formula in this brand of drink relieve the brain form fatigue and lethargy and introduces to sharpened focus. It fills energy in the brain without thrusting jitters that are associated with caffeine and sugar. This formula too is natural. Cognivex Clarity enables BriteShot to drain stress and send freshness to overcome sad mood. The moment these surmountable challenges are resolved brain productivity increases.

Formula Detail

The proprietary blend does not open the potency, quality and likewise details. However, the manufacturer says that despite the hidden formula, the ingredient profile does have the blessing of laboratory reports. The company policy makes reputed third part laboratory testing a touchstone to quantify the BriteShot. The brain optimizing agents here are same that add another sling to the bow of BriteSmart. This is the reason Brite Shot is similarly effective in optimizing brain work, consolidating memory, grinding the focus edge, and spurring the energy making for the brain. BriteShot prides in its Triple Action formula for the last purpose in particular because it raises the oxygen, glucose and neurotransmitter working levels. Ingredients here are natural and have a confirm-able history of two decades. Which adds to peace of mind

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The Targeted Market

Any person in need of extra mental support to get through a smothering situation or to complete a difficult task or likewise, BriteShot becomes relevant. The natural ingredients make BriteForce suitable for people of both genders, all ages, etc.


There are not usage details.

Words of Caution

  • Keep BriteShot out of reach of children.
  • Results may vary in every person.
  • There is a restriction of the use for minor, sick people, people under medical treatment, pregnant and nursing women.
  • If something bad happens, do not take the next sip, and see the doctor.
  • No statement here has been evaluated by FDA.
  • There is no medical attribute embedded into Cognivex Clarity.


BriteShield complements the Cognivex Clarity nootropic product range. Protection, restoration and freeing form toxin makeup the raison d’être. Each sixty-capsule bottle costs $59.95. Every of the sixty capsule is easy to ingest. In addition, these pills become a part of the body quickly for the high absorbent role.


Turning to it, BriteShield works as are inforced wall of China around the brain protecting it from toxins. The next protective role is saving from vagaries of stress. It takes the edge off environmental hazards to the brain. On the other hand, the revival of the brain takes place. Oxidative stress, supported by aging and overall health decline, do not become able to gouge brain’s cognitive performance as long as nootropic, natural and effective BriteShield ingredients are in the bloodstream. User’s brain finds excellent protection again inflammation and neurotoxin in the form of Cognivex Clarity made ingredient profile.

Usage Instructions

The Briteshield formulating team advises two capsules a day.

Words Of Caution

Cognivex Clarity has the same warnings as BriteShot and BriteSmart.