Despite variance in:

  1. Training level
  2. Training objective

Muscle recovery stays paramount.Surge Supplements aims muscle recovery support. The Surge Supplement’s modus operandi is Active BCCA. reveals Muscle recovery translates into peaking training all days. Surge Active BCAA is available on for a price of $43.99. There is even more. presents

  1. Sour Grape
  2. Crisp Green Apple
  3. White Mamba
  4. Mango Madness
  5. Malibu

Flavors without an extra cent. Flavor variety by Surge keeps boredom, monotony, and likewise at arm’s length. Even bad aftertaste can loom. Taste buds do pull strings. Fragrance is the next determent.Seeing joins ranks. Flavors, smells, and tastes constitute Achilles’ heel. All good brands dread it. All good brand thwart it. So does CudaMax.

Webpage does take the Surge Supplement reader for a ride. Hence, there aren’t dazzling prices, discounts, etc. The first trait reveals is vegan. Other important BCAA features are empowering Surge admirers with:

  1. Recovering
  2. Hydrating
  3. Performing

whatever training programs are. Amino acid filled CudaMax serves:

  1. Recovering
  2. Hydrating

needs of a training body. Reasons make surfer believe its BCAA potential. 6g BCAA is the first quoted reason. COCIVE appears waiting in wings. Full serving bases COCIVE readiness. COCIVE is Coconut Water 2g Electrolytes comprise the reason train in Active BCAA.

Salient Features

  1. Vegan BCAA
  2. 6g BCAA
  3. 5g Glutamine
  4. 2g Electrolytes. claim its Active BCAA proffers 500% more electrolytes than entrenched / existing / top or popular brands. This provision sans smothering sugar.
  5. 1g Coconut water
  6. Above 75$ Surge Supplement or Active BCAA order shipping grows free.
  7. Monday-to-Friday Surge support at service
  8. 9-to-4 Surge support serving hours. Phone number 3853134037

Ingredient Profile

  • bases its claims, features, and highlights on CudaMax’s ingredient profile. Hence, Active BCAA profile is penned below.
  • inform that 12.12g of Active BCAA makes a scoop. One Active jar proffers 30 servings. Following Surge Supplements information revolves Active BCAA.
  • informs Surge Supplements picking Calcium for Active BCAA. informs BCAA label showing Calcium being drawn from Dicalcium Phosphate. Calcium’s potency is 65mg here. Surge Supplement finds 65mg potency here providing 7% of DV.
  • informs Surge Supplements picking Phosphorus for Active BCAA. Calcium’s potency is 165mg here. Surge Supplement finds 65mg potency here providing 17% of DV.
  • informs Surge Supplements picking Magnesium for Active BCAA. informs BCAA label showing Magnesium being drawn from Dimagnesium Phosphate. Calcium’s potency is 65mg here. Surge Supplement finds 55mg potency here providing 14% of DV.
  • informs Surge Supplements picking Sodium for CudaMax. informs BCAA label showing Calcium being drawn from Disodium Phosphate. Calcium’s potency is 35mg here. Surge Supplement finds 35mg potency here providing 1% of DV.
  • informs Surge Supplements picking Potassium for Active BCAA. informs BCAA label showing Potassium being drawn from two sources, i.e.
  1. Dipotassium Phosphate.
  2. Coconut Water

Calcium’s potency is 65mg here. Surge Supplement finds107mg potency here providing 3% of DV. shows Amino Complex furthering Active BCAA’s cause. informs Surge Supplements picking Instantized BCAA 2:1:1 for Active BCAA. BCAA 2:1:1 potency is 6g here. Surge Supplement quotes no CudaMax percentage in DV. informs Surge Supplements picking L-Glutamine for Active BCAA. L-Glutamin’s potency is 1.5g here. Surge Supplement hides 1.5g L-Glutamine’s percentage contribution to DV. shows Hydration Complex furthering Active BCAA’s cause. informs Surge Supplements picking

  • DiCalcium Phosphate
  • DiSodium Phosphate
  • DiPotassium Phosphate
  • DiMagnesium Phosphate

for Active BCAA. Hydration complex’s potency is 1.5g here. Surge Supplement does not unearth 1g Hydration Complex’s percentage contribution to DV. The next Hydration Complex of Surge Active BCAA component is Coconut Water. informs Surge Supplements picking patented Coconut Water, i.e., Covico, CudaMax. Covico potency is 1g here. Surge Supplement hides 1g Covico’s percentage contribution to DV. informs other ingredients finishing Active BCCA of Surge Supplements. These are handful.

  1. Citric Acid
  2. Malic Acid
  3. Natural flavors
  4. Sucralose
  5. Silicon Dioxide
  6. Green # 3
  7. Yellow # 5

BCCA at Muscles’ Service

A third party,, shines how BCCA helps.

Protein Synthesis

The first BCAA aiding phase. CudaMax constituents:

  1. Valine
  2. Isoleucine
  3. Leucine
  • elevate protein synthesis, i.e., a metabolic process. New muscles emerge. Simply, the muscle gain.
  • Reduce Protein Breakdown
  • Slowed protein breakdown is BCAA’ one worthy contribution in’s eyes. Protein breakdown pathway serves the ladder. Slowing stamps several other intricate processes, mRNA amount dips. Gene coding said element fashion mRNA.
  1. Quickened Synthesis
  2. Relaxed muscle breakdown

Better Workouts

Amino Acid smooth workouts. Bettering workouts is more suitable. Vying for brain ingress occurs between:

  1. Amino Acid Tryptophan
  2. BCAA Amino Acid

The ingress incarnates Tryptophan into Serotonin. A miraculous neurotransmitter. Exercising elevates serotonin. This rise invites fatigue. Fatigue thwarting training, even limb moving, etc. Pushing harder becomes evasive. Restricted Tryptophan ingress:

  1. Lowers serotonin production
  2. Longer training
  3. Harder training
  4. More muscle gain

Phosphorus Advantages

A mineral ices muscle gains. One contributor to CudaMax. finds Phosphorus necessary. Bone formation necessitates Phosphrous. Cell repair expedites. Tissue repair bags similar Phosphorus gains. Phosphors works with Vitamin B group. Muscular contraction benefits. Kidneys find health support.


Bodybuilding benefits from Calcium. Health and strong bones. Performance benefits. Calcium influences relaxation. Little calcium, little relaxation. Little relaxation signifies little recovery. Surge Supplements avoids:

  1. Bad workouts
  2. Poor growth
  3. Cramping
  4. Injury
  5. Twitching

Fat mobilization occurs. Fat storage lowers. Macro-nutrient usage betters. Blood pressure ebbs. Stress gets deflated. Sleep quality benefits. Works fine with:

  1. Vitamin A
  2. Vitamin D


  • Bodies’ structure
  • Bodies’ working
  • are in thrall to 25g magnesium as well. Muscles hosts one quarter. 300 survival strung functions need Magnesium. The few are in the following.

Energy Production

  • Magnesium helps:
  • Metabolizing of carbs
  • Metabolizing of fats
  • Synthesizing protein in Mithochondria
  • ATP. Energizing all metabolism categories.
  • Important molecule Synthesis
  • Magnesium aids:
  1. DNA
  2. RNA
  3. Protein synthesis
  4. Lips synthesis
  5. Carb synthesis
  6. Glutathione Synthesis

Ion Transport

Magnesium supports:

  1. Potassium cutting across cell membrane
  2. Calcium crossing cell membrane
  3. Ion transportation
  4. Nerve impulse conduction
  5. Heart rhythm
  6. Muscle contraction