It is apt to describe hallmarks of Dxl male enhancement formula before delineating it, which is a male enhancement product and produced in the USA. The parent concern of this brand is Complete Lifestyle, LLC.

  1. The reviewing websites on the internet declare it top of the list
  2. Ingredient performance is supported by clinical reports.
  3. This product gives 10 times greater results than its counterparts

LB Extraction Method

This brand is a result of effort in time stretched over the years. Its product became possible because the stack holders followed the high standard in growing those herbs that are the basis of the said male enhancement brand. This brand made of natural ingredients is marked by the LB Extract approach which is the other name of assurance efficacy. Its development took ten years. The LB Extract methodology is a fit-for-purpose approach to cause a breakthrough in testosterone production in the body.

Organic Herbs mark this Complete Lifestyle Product

Complete Lifestyle, LLC, is so confident of its LB Extraction Method that it gives guarantee for its increasing libido quality. In case, it does not take place, the user can claim his money back. What is more, this brand sticks out a mile because it procures Indonesian Tongkat Ali and Eastern Chinese Epimedium directly. Here direct means that Complete Lifestyle itself grow and harvest the said herbs for its Dxl male enhancement formula. This approach materializes 400:1 potency ratio. One should also bear in mind that sundry products have 20:1 ratio. The complete avoiding of pesticides is another plus point of the aforesaid herbs. Natural light, organic seed and water add value to those herbs to the next level as these are the reasons for their being most effective herbs. It indicates the efficiency of the said male enhancement products.

Money Back Guarantee

Instead of writing several paper proving that Dxl male enhancement formula is fit-for-purpose and better than its counterparts in the health care market, it turns to the most solid approach, a money back guarantee. The 100% money back guarantee blows the trumpet of the aforesaid product of Complete Lifestyle, LLC. The concern promises to return the money spent on this product. This guarantee becomes valid since purchase of a product and stays valid till 90 days after the purchase.


The user of Dxl male enhancement formula is bound to avail the following benefits. Some situations like the body type, health level, fitness level, lifestyle can fluctuate the percentage of the impact. Complete Life Cycle promises that the user should expect the following advantages normally.

  • The user shall be able to erect his sex organ multiple time and even for longer periods.
  • Erections will be spontaneous without any apprehension of deflation.
  • The resilience of reproduction system will be more. Thus, the user will be able to gear up for next sexual intercourse quickly, which means more sex.
  • The stamina of penis will increase too. A harder penis will give more pleasure to both partners.

It takes some months to Dxl male enhancement formula to enhance the lovemaking ability of the user’s body. After that period the user will find himself fit as a fiddle in intercourse matters. There will not be usual drawback either in the case of said Libido Booster, that is, headache, etc. The maker says if the user does not find that any of the aforesaid promise is getting materialized, one can claim the refund.

Tongkat Ali

It is the advantage range of Tongkat Ali that earned it the title of Asian Viagra by a report published by New Sunday Times in the May of 1999. It came to fore when it treated libido shortage issue in Malaysia, since then it did not look back. Today, a number of clinical reports stand by this herb, which empowers Dxl male enhancement formula to dawn a new age of sexual pleasures for its user. Urge to have sex, and energy level get a new lease of life if Tongkat Ali is consumed regularly.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weedis also known as Yin Yang Huo. Its biological name is Epimedium. This herb that has been curing Chinese sexual woes for the last 2,000 years. Its prime contribution to the sexual health is that augments libidos. Libidos are key to strong, multiple, and long erection. Its relevance and results in sexual function include it in Dxl male enhancement formula.

Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract

The said extract is an extract of its berries, that are packed with fatty acids on and phytosterols on the other hand. Red Indian were first to explore that it alleviates prostrate and reproductive system related issues.

Orchic Substance

Orchic Substance comes here because it is a vitamin supplement obtained from testes of bulls. It is believed to have a magical effect on hormone production in the Dxl male enhancement formula users.

Wild Yam Root Extract

Wild Yam Root Extract is an ancient treatment for low count of libidos in men. In addition, it has been alleviating asthma and reproductive issue because of presence of progesterone in it, This extract has long been resolving low libido, lack of energy, weight gain, low stamina and sex performance issues in menfolk

Sarsaparilla Root Extract

Sarsaparilla Root Extractis takenfrom an evergreen plant to fix low libido and fertility issues as it contains Diogenes. This compound is important for the body to secrete testosterone’s.

Nettle Root Extract

Nettle Root Extract comprises Dxl male enhancement formula because of lignans, which do not let globulin hormones from sticking to testosterone’s. These captivated hormones are good for nothing. The said extract ensure free testosterone’s so that these can be more libidos.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate

The importance of Boron Amino Acid Chelate as amino acid brings it here. It helps blood vessels to become bigger so that blood reaches every part of the body in a bigger volume.


It becomes evident from words about Dxl male enhancement formula is a fit-for-purpose male enhancement solution for men. Money Back Guarantee, LB Extraction Method, and enumeration of expected result prove that is the best solution in the market.