IonicX by Steel increases body-building gains. Its:

  1. Focus
  2. Energy
  3. Stamina

let intense workouts occur. Sometimes ideal jump starting isn’t available. Bodies just cannot do. Muscles are denied:

  1. Fullest potential
  2. Optimum results

Hence supplement vacuum occurs. One IonicX Testo justification arrives. Simply, a push directs musculature’s doing their best. IonicX by Steel aids pre-working out. Each IonicX serving results. Training ability soars. Result ratio surges. Mental focus benefits. Incredible performance emerges:

  1. Inside the gym
  2. Outside the gym
  3. Steel’s chosen proprietary blend:
  4. Formulates special ingredients
  5. In a special manner
  6. Maximizes training capacity
  7. Lengthens training time
  8. Hardens training
  9. Results superior performance

There is more. Unnecessary ingredients aren’t allowed:

  1. Jittery contingencies dip
  2. Sickening contingencies dip
  3. Fat burning betters
  4. Pre-workout supplement rationalized

Steel took view of:

  1. Scientists
  2. Trainers
  3. CrossFit athletes
  4. Exercise takers

Hence, steel calculated demand. Extra boost need was formulated. Even in routine. For example:

  1. Wading through fatigue.
  2. Rapid nutrient supply
  3. Readily nutrient availability
  4. Key nutrient distribution

Why IonicX

IonicX Testo learns from:

  1. Scientists
  2. Trainers
  3. CrossFit Athletes
  4. Exercise takers

and shapes into IonicX:

  1. Superb pre-workout powdered elixir
  2. Ultimate fat burner
  3. Support withstanding fatigue
  4. Perfect nutrient booster

Top of the list, IonicX

supported by studies corroborating:

  1. Increasing energy level
  2. Increasing strength
  3. Increasing clarity
  4. Enhancing mental focus
  5. Maximizing training ability
  6. Training longer
  7. Working-out harder
  8. Fueling muscles
  9. Blocking fatigue pathways

Steel adds into IonicX:

  1. Optimizing power through:
    1. Increasing blood flow
    2. Enhancing oxygen support
    3. Delivering key ingredients
    4. while a training session is in progress.

Patented Surge NOS Activator materializes the aforesaid thoroughly. Surge NOS exemplifies:

  1. Meticulous
  2. Calibrated
  3. nutrients, e.g.,
  4. Creatine
  5. 2:1:1 BCAA Peptides

followed by Steel chosen fatigue thwarting ingredients:

  1. L-Citrulline
  2. Beta-Alanine
  3. Low-dose caffeine

All above blows trump of IonicX Testo. IonicX brings best ingredients exemplified by

  1. Creatine
  2. BCAAs
  3. Beta Alanine
  4. Amino Acids

and likewise ingredients. Creatine is one nature’s prduct. Body makes it. Cells draw energy. Importantly, ATP production soars. Studies show link between:

  1. Greater muscle mass
  2. Greater muscle strength
  3. Better bursts of speed
  4. Increased protein synthesis

and creatine concentration.

Beta Alanine

IonicX Testo fancies Beta Alanine for:

  1. Supporting carnosine presence

Carnosine in muscles smothers Hydronium Ions. The fatigue collaborators. No Beta Alanine suggests omnipresent tiredness. Beta Alanine support Carnosine. The more the merrier. Fatigue staving off betters. Beta Alanine rich IonicX fends of fatigue. The manner is incredible. IonicX Testo topping becomes obvious. Market resonates with IonicX.

Surge NOS Activator’s contribution

Segregated Whey Peptides define Patented NOS Activator. Endothelial Cells’ NO production quadruples. This surging is different. It owes to the patented notion, i.e., Surge NOS Activator. Steel doesn’t stoke Amino Fuel. Arginine exemplifies Amino Fuel. Typical NOS support is absent in patented Surge NOS. Enzymatic pathway switching (by patented Surge NOS) shows NO’s enhanced response.

One IonicX Testo serving stirs:

  1. Power surge
  2. Blood flow
  3. Oxygen availability
  4. Extended VO2 max
  5. Sharpened mental focus.

Benefit list shows muscle fueling unprecedentedly. Ingredients roam vigorously. Expanded veins support. A training body benefits:

  1. Before training
  2. During working-out
  3. After training

Listed features adorn IonicX. The targeted market grows extensive. All benefits including:

  1. A Trainee
  2. A housewife
  3. A mother
  4. A layman

feels the surge.

Supplement Facts

IonicX Testo supplement facts

  1. One serving bears 25 calories
  2. Fat adds no calorie
  3. Total fat adds no calorie
  4. Saturated fat calorie addition is non-existent
  5. Cholesterol adds no calorie
  6. 3g Total Carbs serve 1% of DV.
  7. Dietary fibre adds nothing
  8. 1g sugar serves 8% DV with 4g Protein in IonicX.
  9. 130mg Sodium serves 5% DV.
  10. 405mg Potassium in IonicX serves 10% DV.
  11. Calcium’s adding role in IonicX is non-existent.
  12. Iron adds nothing
  13. IonicX’s Vitamin C adds nothing.
  14. 2g L-Citrulline adds nothing, etc.


One BCCA component is Taurine. All performing formulates entail Taurine. IonicX Testo isn’t an exception. Athlete benefit particularly. Performance benefits. Taurine stands by in challenges. There is flipside too. Taurine depletes quickly. IonicX helps again. Quick replenishing rescues. Taurine supports sister ingredients.

Patented EPO-DROL

Rep count increases. Sets’ number surges. IonicX thanks EPO-DROL, a Rhodiola extract. Altogether uniqueness distinguishes patented EPO-DROL. This Rhoiola extract serves nutrition dedicate. Pure Salidroside serves High Octane. Effectiveness rises.

Super Grape

Patented Super Grape compliments BCCA at IonicX. Unique structures defines patented Super Grape. Polyphenols join hands with Epictechin in empowering BCCA. Training fruitful rises.


Strong muscles contraction entail phosphates. Same reason makes IonicX includes Phosphates. Minerals are indispensable for hydration. Another IonicXs’ justification. Performance keep peaking. IonicX retains phosphates resultant.

Patented Astragin

A revolution in IonicX Testo capsule. Absorption rate surges. Nutrient reparations shines the patented Astragin. BCAA shines owing to Astragin, another patented notion.


  1. Steel chooses 2:1:1 BCAA Peptides to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  2. Steel chooses L-Citrulline to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  3. Steel chooses Beta Alanine to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  4. Steel chooses Creatine Monohydrate to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  5. Steel chooses Surge NOS Activator to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  6. Steel chooses Caffeine to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  7. Steel chooses Dipotassium Phosphate to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  8. Steel chooses Sodium Nitrate to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  9. Steel chooses Citric Acid to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  10. Steel chooses Raspberry Juice to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  11. Steel chooses Dextrose to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  12. Steel chooses Maltodextrin to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.
  13. Steel chooses Sucralose to build IonicX’s benevolent faculty.

Words of Caution

Such power necessitates caution. The caution list.

  1. Keep it away from children.
  2. Not meant for:
    1. Under 18s
    2. Unhealthy adults
    3. Expectant women
    4. Nursing mothers
    5. People taking medicine
    6. Hospitalized individuals

The latest IonicX ingredient profile is on Steel’s website. So are, IonicX usage method. IonicX disclaimer remains the same.