Nootropics become relevant whenever there arises the need for superior cognitive working. Thus, emerges the nootropic demand, rather the rising nootropic demand. IQ Genex is one name that fulfills this nootropic need while showing earnestness. IQ Genex Nootropics is available on $39.95, with an amazing discount of 30 US Dollars. The original price on the website is $69.95.


Before elaborating the said nootropic brand, it is relevant to inform the reader what nootropics are. These can be food supplements, drugs, or even functional food. Whatever may be the category functions remains the same, i.e., sharping the range of cognitive function. Focus, memory and intelligence are perfect examples representing the cognitive function. There are many aspects of nootropic contribution. It can involve a greater blood supply, higher acetylcholine level, neurotransmitters. The latter sways memorizing, learning and reacting to situation prerogatives of the mind.

The Ingredient Profile

The foregoing benefits do reach a person who exhibits one’s trust in IQ Genex Nootropics. One may wonder that how this magic can be cast. Though, IQ Genex product is not a magical product, yet consistent Nootropics intake can make the world a better place. The IQ Genex Nootropics ingredient profile is comprised by Bacopa Monnieri marked by 50% Bacosides with 300mg potency; Rhodiola Rosea marked by 2% salidroside and 5% rosavins with 300mg; GPC marked by 50% L-Alpha Glycerylphosphor with 300mg potency, and others. There are other notions too. Calcium Carbonate, Soy, Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, etc.

Bacopa Monnieri

IQ Genex Nootropics employs Bacopa because this herb has an established Nootropics reputeto not only better cognitive work but also to keep the enhancement for a long time. What is more, anxiety can find drained in the case of Nootropics user. Memory formation is bound to improve. Bacopa helps in the cognitive field by lowering the anxiety so that thought processing can get work at the full gallop. Young people can benefit from it. Though Bacopa has the capacity to work with dopamine hormone and serotonin, yet it earns applause for promoting neuron communication. The level of communication contributes to the brain efficiency. The Bacopa contribution comes in the form of growing dendrites, either end of nerves. Furthermore, Bacopa Monnieri is a great hope to tackle the oxidative stress.


This notion in IQ Genex Nootropics serves a lot of purposes. Memory gets better, anxiety, and allergic conditions come under a greater control. There are many other benefits, such as, pain in the back, pain in joints, low sex output, mental illness, and so on. What is relevant here is Brahmi contribution to better thinking, learning and memorizing.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea roots carry more importance from Nootropic perspective and this justifies its presence in Russian and Scandinavian traditional medicine. In those medication systems, it has been the solution to resolve tiredness, bettering rusting memory, and even poor attention span. Users have been able towring more out of their mind while doing any piece of mental work. Its role as an antioxidant too counts for the brain health. For mature people oxidative stress, supported by aging, gnaws on all brain functions, even that of cognitive function. Immune system comes in a better condition, so does the reproduction system.

Fatigue takes its toll on mental work capability. Rhodiola, being a contributor to traditional Chinese medication system, has been helping people in the curing of fatigue. After this, Rhodiola offers neuro protection service against toxins. This is how, Rhodiola takes care of so many brain health aspects. Modern findings support it and IQ Genex Nootropics make it happen. There are many active components. Rasvine and Salidroside are two active notions here.

As regards, side effects, very high dose can invite some issues, which is not relevant here. However, the website carries that information. According to Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, Rhodiola Rosea falls into the dietary supplement category and earns GRAS status, which means it is generally a safe notion


When it comes to Alpha-glycerophosphocholine there appears two more titles, a-GPC or Alpha-GPC. Despite the variation in name, its cholinergic composition remains the same. In the capacity of a cholinergic compound in IQ Genex Nootropics, the cognitive function draws benefit from A-GPC. When the body gets A-GPC through oral administration, cellular membranes take advantage of it. This approach does not let cognitive decline speed up.


Choline regarded necessary from racetam point of view. One reason is its making ground for acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. A neurotransmitter support nerve communication. This compound rises to importance for making memories. In other words, learning becomes easy. Then, if the body does not have this notion of a sufficient amount headaches can start visiting a person. When jaw pains begin appearing.


Noopept is another important part adding a sling to the bow of IQ Genex Nootropics. Its importance can be estimated from the fact that piracetam gives 1,000 times worse performance than Noopept. This is one reason for precise Noopept dose. This notion too fosters memory making as well as learning ability. In this process, glutamate receptors get involved. These quality make Noopept very important in Nootropics. In the capacity of an effective stimulant easing memory making. The anxiety is wary of this component. The general mood gets a new lease of life too.


IQ Genex advises that two Nootropics tablets should be taken a day. Other bits of information can be taken from IQ Genex website. A person should read precautionary measures for IQ Genex Nootropics before using.

Returns, and Replacements

IQ Genex stakeholders are not ready to take a risk when it comes to Nootropics customers. For instance, they offer the Nootropics buyers to return the product if it fails in satisfying them. What defines satisfaction has been written digitally on the website. For instance, the merchandise has to be in its original condition. There are possibilities of charges such as, for the account of pickup and restock. Top of the list, the return should take place before the dawn of 31 days. It is advisable to peruse the page.