Brain conditioning or optimizing is not simple as it is projected by some nootropic brands. The brain health owes not to physiological factors alone but also thought inundating the brain cells. In addition, the condition of the body cannot be ignored either. This is the reason, it seems OK to concentrate one particular part of the brain working. LioSearch B-Brain believes that optimizing stage follows that of striking a balance. LioSearch B-Brain attempts at resolving a variety of health issues by producing a gamut of products. As this passage is about nootropic so only those products are going to appear that emerge on the Brain Support.

The limited space restricts details in the case of few products. A reader can visit product web pages on primal herb dot come for detailed information and stacking information.

  1. Neuro Shroom is LioSearch B-Brain product to brush up cognitive and mental overall performance. This blend is marked by Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane that add exceptional to nootropic boost. Neuro Shroom weighs 114 grams (4 ounces), serve 89 servings and costs $42.95, which is a discounted price meant to benefit $27 to a given buyer. Its webpage informs that Chaga Mushroom Extract and He Shou Wu can work very well with Neuro Shroom.


  • Neuro Shroom is developed on LioSearch B-Brain formula to give following results.
  • Can shield and cause nerve and nervous tissue regeneration.
  • The Neuro Shroom formula shores up short-term memorizing ability.
  • Problem-solving faculty and cognitive skills grow better.
  • The frequency of brain exhaustion dips. Fogginess being paying fewer visits to thoughts.
  • Gouging by stress and depression decrease.
  • This benefit range becomes possible owning to Neuro Shroom ingredient profile.

Lion’s Mane

Top of the list name is HericiumErinaceum that helps in neuro protection in the body. Neuroregeneration gets an advantage too.


Alternatively, CordycepsMilitaris inclusion in Neuro Shroommeans energy will become available in a stable manner. This adaptogen betters body’s stress managing potential. Furthermore, Cordyceps helps saves the body from future stress too.


The amount of work carried out on GanodermaLucidum or Reishi suggests its importance and relevance in a given nootropic solution. Reishi helps immune-helping adaptogens. Reishi works with the immune system to deflate infliction of inflammation. Thus, working and life of nerves increase.

Huperzia A

Huperzia Serrata (the scientific name) helps Neuro Shroom to take nerve care in many ways. Neuroprotection, neuro-regeneration and likewise abilities add one more sling to Neuro Shroom.


The healing abilities of Neuro Shroom get a new lease of life with BacopaMonnieri.

  1. He Shou Wu by LioSearch B-Brain carries the root power extracts marked by 30:1 ratio. He Shou Wu supports the detoxifying agent in the body, the liver. The weight of content here is 114 grams (4 ounces) that is available with discounted price of $37.95, which brings saving of $32. This 114 gram content is enough for 89 servings. Some benefits are here.He Show Wu supports the liver, blood, anti-oxidant potential, better digestion, and immune system’s working.
  2. Endo Adrenal

LioSearch B-Brainal manufactures Endo Adrenal to support adrenal and endocrine in the user’s body. In addition, Endo Adrenal activates metabolism on a healthy level. The bottle carries 114 grams of Endo Adrenal proffers 102 servings to a given buyer. The discounted price of $42.95 marks a discount of $37. Some advantages are in the following.

  • Endo Adrenal assist in bettering and then keeping that level of adrenal function.
  • Metabolism level returns to the healthy level
  • Adrenal fatigue presence is diminished.
  • Body’s stress response gets healthier.
  • Vital systems work in a balanced way and every day too.

LioSearch B-Brain makes Optimal Immune to provide excellent support for antioxidant and immune potential so that it can become healthier and balanced. Each Optimal Immune packing weighs 114 grams that is good enough for 104 servings. Optimal Immune’s discounted price of $42.95 saves $27. This product is gluten, and GMO-free and proffers following benefits. Optimal Immune is a blessing for adaptogens and contributes to balance the immune system. Helps blood detoxification with its liver support. Metabolism provides more amount of energy. Thyroid working gets better. Provides easiness to people needing a change.

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ATP ENER-G stocks up depleted energy. Thus, it paves the ground for ATP and Mitochondria function. One ATP ENER-G comes with 114-gram content. This 4-ounce content present 126 servings. The website sells ATP ENER-G for $42.95, which is a discounted price.

  1. Shroom appears in the inventory list of LioSearch B-Brain for its ability of bringing back vitality. The overall wellness is another advantage. This 114-gram packing gives 76 servings and carries a tag of the discounted price of 26.05 US Dollars.
  2. Tranquil Mind serves the daily need of mood enhancing and stress neutralizing. Anxiety gets punctured. Besides, sleep quality gets better. The website puts Tranquil Mind on sale at the discounted price of 42.95 US Dollar and gives a $27 discount.
  3. Alpha Complex formula eyes at increasing strength and endurance with help of hormone balancing. The performance gets better considerably. Alpha Complex packing carries 114-gram content giving 124 serving to a given buyer. The discounted price of $47.95 gives a discount of $32.
  4. Gynostemma takes advantage of gynostemma leaf extract with 20:1 ratio to offer great support to antioxidants and adaptogen on the one hand and energy making on the other hand. LioSearch B-Brain provides 114 gram content in each Gynostemma packing. This 4-ounce pack is good for 82 servings. Its discounted price of $37.95 saves $12.04.
  5. Chaga boast of its potency that attributes to the extract of Chaga mushroom with 30:1 ratio along with 40% polysaccharide. This extract is ideal to grind the blade of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in a user’s body. This packing weight 4 ounces. Each Chaga packing gives 120 servings. The current price is $30 cheaper than the original price because of ongoing discount.
  6. Yang Energy by LioSearch B-Brain serves vitality, hormone, and stamina supports needs. This product is available in 4-gram packing, equaling 114 grams. This much content proffers 113 servings. $42.95 is its discounted price meant to save $27.