LioSearch B-Mood capsules come in the 60-pill bottle and cost$19.99. Each capsule carries 650 mg potency. These are vegetarian capsules. There are two choices on time of purchase, with or without Melatonin.

Product Description

Melatonin adds soundness to the sleep. Magnesium in these capsules prolongs the sleep time. Zinc contributes to sleep quality. Presence of lemon balm and valerian root takes the sleep quality to a higher level and lowers the restlessness. The inclusion of L-tryptophan polishes sleep efficiency, lengthens sleep time, reduces restlessness and so on.


As listed in the foregoing paragraph, the presence of zinc, lemon balm, magnesium, valerian root, I-the nine, I-tryptophan adds many slings to the blow of Optimal Sleep Complex. Each of the listed ingredients contributes to various sleep qualities, such as, relaxation, purging a person of stress, and stirring up restfulness. The presence of a mild touch of sedation, nudges the mind to go for sound sleep to invite recovery and rest to the body so that awaking can be marked by re-freshness.

Mode of Action


Melatonin,a naturally occurring hormone,ensures smooth sailing for the sleep-wake cycle. Mind creates this hormone when eye reports that darkness is the order of the day. Suprachiasmatic Nucleus is one recipient. As Suprachiasmatic Nucleus receives that darkness has fallen, the body begins secreting melatonin. LioSearch B-Mood sends the same message to the body by providing melatonin in the body and the user falls to sleep quickly. This is what LioSearch B-Mood does.


LioSearch B-Mood involves magnesium to help GABA playing its role on a greater scale. GBA lessens the anxiety level, which means the relaxation will have greater influence in the mental affairs. Muscle benefit as magnesium is a muscle relaxant in eyes of health experts. This calming ageing is not found sufficiently in modern food. Magnesium help zinc in justifying its wort here.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is one constituent of LioSearch B-Mood that assists GABA reducing transaminase enzyme so that sedation of mile level can take place. Valerian root delivers even better when it works with lemon balm. The former stimulates Glutamate Decarboxylase, the compound that turns Glutamate into GABA concentration so that sedation and sleep can visit a given person.


L-theanine is here in Optimal Sleep Complex because blood-brain barrier is surmountable for it. This crossing raises the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body, which results in the rise of GABA activities in the body.


L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid, is a part of Optimal Sleep Complex for its essential role in serotonin production and synthesis of protein. The former is relevant in sleep and mood matters. L-Tryptophan first takes the form of 5-HTP and then translates into serotonin. Serotonin involves in execution and smooth sailing of many function and sleep is one of those. As this notion, i.e., L-Tryptophan is supplemented by LioSearch B-Mood, many aspects of sleep quality get better.


  • Even in worst situations, melatonin toxicity stays low, according to human studies as well. According to one, 800 mg/kg does not sound lethal.
  • There are rare chances where magnesium overdose flings some suffering to a healthy person. This situation is called hypomagnesemia but it rarely takes place because kidneys come to rescue. Thus, overdose can cause trouble in case a person undergoes a kidney failure.
  • In case of over zinc absorption, that of iron and copper can sink. Toxicity begins if dosage exceeded 225 mg.

Product Features

As regards the Optimal Sleep Complex ingredient profile, LioSearch B-Mood leave no stone unturned. However, there are even more features to catch the attention of first time user.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

LioSearch B-Mood proffers 30-day money back guarantee for Optimal Sleep Complex. The mere absence of satisfaction can be a cause to claim the refund of LioSearch B-Mood Optimal Complex. The 30-day period begins from the order day. However, the refund does not include the cost of shipping, customs, handling or likewise notions. More information is available on the LioSearch B-Mood web site.

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Free Domestic Shipping

Another good bit of information for the US customers is that national order do not charge postage.

Tested for Quality And Purity

To remain efficacious, prove purity, and exhibit quality LioSearch B-Mood is tested by independent laboratories to assure that label matches the credentials.

Vegetarian Capsules

LioSearch B-Mood rely on Capsugel V-Caps Plus. There is an assurance from their manufacturer that no animal product comprises these capsules. These are superior on the touchstone of absorption.

FDA Approval

LioSearch B-Mood concerns stand on a high pedestal for being an FDA registered concern. This is the reason quality and safety are given due importance here. However, states here have not been evaluated by FDA of the US government.

Subscription Management

LioSearch B-Mood let a subscriber cancel one’s subscription electronically. One can use either one’s account with Pure Nootropic or email some particular bits of information.

Exchange Option

There is an exchange offer as well with LioSearch B-Mood, which has a 30-day validity from order date. Visit the website to get more bits of information.

Usage Instructions

Take one Pure Nootropic Optimal Sleep Complex or Sleep Complex Plus to ascertain it compatibility. Once established, one can take either capsule in routine. If sound sleep still evades after one capsule, one can take even two capsules.

Alternatively, a health expert can decide the dosage.

Words of Caution

LioSearch B-Mood advises Optimal Sleep Complex admirer to take some precautions. These are listed here.

  • Keep LioSearch B-Mood out of reach of children.
  • In case of minors, get permission from a doctor first.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Optimal Sleep Complex is not suitable for nursing women either.
  • An Optimal Sleep Complex admirer should not take any pill during some medical treatment or even condition. The Pure Nootropic is so cautious in this regard that it advises a given person not to take it even if one thinks that on is in medical condition.
  • If ingestion of Complex pills brings some adverse effects to LioSearch B-Mood admirer, the user is to bring an immediate end to the use. Besides, seeking a doctor’s professional viewpoint.
  • Heat and humidity are not good for capsules, so these notions should not be given access to Optimal Sleep Complex storage place.