Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer makes cosmetics and entails anti-ageing products in its gamut. Considering nails part and parcel of the female persona it launches Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer so that ageing can be covered from another angle. There are fourteen ways in the said range to take the excellent care of nails.

  1. Memento Manicure Extender as the Top Coat in Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer is available for$16.00. Gel like formula, peptide, and manicure topping join their hand here to beget excellent outcome. Chipping manicure needsnine days of use to give excellent shine as a mirror Applicable on all nail polishes. It takes a soak free as well as non-acetone remover to undo.

Usage Instructions

1 to 2 coats would do, without or with a base coat. One can reapply to lengthen the wear.

  1. Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer launches Launchpad Nail Strengthener as the Base Coat for$18.00 to fix nails that are brittle, soft, weak, yellow or thin by providing natural protein peptides, which make nails stronger and flexible. Longevity of manicure extends. Hydration grows while splitting and chipping go down.

Usage Instructions

Coat once or twice this member of Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer on natural nails. Launchpad Nail Strengthener serves a base coat too.

  1. Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer sells Makeover Ridge Filler in the capacity of Base Coat for $18.00 to fix nail imperfections, such as, discoloration, yellow stains, inflexibility, masques, nail ridges, etc., by employing hydrating agents and protein peptides.

Usage Instructions

Same as in the case of Launchpad Nail Strengthener.

  1. A person can buy Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener for$16.00 as the Top Coat. High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener dries quickly; raises the nail thickness to even fifty percent; prevents manicure for fading; saves manicure from yellowing; and shines nails.

Usage Instructions

Apply one, two or even more Launchpad Nail Strengthener coats on manicured or bare nails.

  1. RejuvenailFortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment is available for $18.00 on its official Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer website. Blessing damaged nails with natural strength by means of important nutrients and multi peptides are the forte of RejuvenailFortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment. Weak nails as well as ragged cuticles get better. Moister level betters while chipping and splitting decreases.

Usage Instructions

Apply Rejuvenail Fortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment on cuticles and nails (both bare and polished) everyday from three to four times.

  1. Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment bottle carries oz of liquid and price tag of$22.00 by Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer. This Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer product is built on grease-free and luxurious formula. Dryness goes down and moisture goes up. Think skin on the back of the hand is too a beneficiary of this constituent of Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer.

Usage Instructions

Apply Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treat to on cuticles and hand.

  1. The Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment bottle by Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer has 4 oz liquid at the cost of$25.00. The Runway tube conditions, exfoliates, restores, and softens the skin with a silky touch even in the first use.

Usage Instructions

Use Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment twice a day on feet.

  1. The fine protein Peptide treatment in the form of Revital-Oil Nail and Cuticle Treatment costs $14.00. Revital-Oil in Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer nourishes and hydrates.

Usage Instructions

Apply and massage this component of Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer to cuticles and surrounding skin respectively.

  1. Nail Recovery System is an economical approach in Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer, which gets four products for 59 USD that would have cost 70 USD otherwise. This Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer product collection employs protein-peptides to make the nails healthier, stronger, longer, more beautiful, and more hydrated on the one hand and keep the skin better protected on the other hand. Nutrients reach nails directly. The products available are:
  2. RejuvenailFortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment
  3. Launchpad Nail Strengthener
  4. Makeover Ridge Filler
  5. High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener

Usage Instruction

  1. Bases Coat Preparation

In this step, Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer user chooses to apply a thin layer of either Makeover Ridge Filer or Launchpad Nail Strengthener on nails while avoiding Cuticles.

  1. Top Coat Finish

The Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer product user applies a top coat of High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener.

  1. Restore or Moisture

The Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer users dabs and rubs Rejuvanail Fortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment into nails as well as cuticle the user is to repeat from 2 to 4 times as a bare minimum.

  1. Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer provides 1.7 oz in each Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatmentbottle for $14.00. Grease-free Timeless formula leaves no residue while removing dryness and raising the moisture retention level in the thin skin that backs of hands carry.
  2. RejuvenailFortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment is available for$13.00
  3. Runway ReadyLuxury Foot Treatment carries 1.7 oz. for$15.00. This Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer member makes nails stronger, raises hydration level, softens ragged cuticles, brings down splitting and chipping ratio by using Vitamins A, C and E, Keratin Protein Peptide, Pentavitin Moisture Magnet, Shea Butter, Green Tea, and Hyaluronic Acid
  4. Immaculate Nail Cleanse Prepis sold for$14.00 by Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer, which is a gentle and non-drying cleanser. This cleaner employs Vitamin C, Grape Fruit Extract, Safflower Oil and Keratin Protein Peptide to prime nails by getting rid of impurities and oil on the one hand and making a suitable pH balance.

Usage Instructions

Brush Immaculate Nail Cleanse Prep before the turn of base coat.

  1. Lumanexa Revitalizing Moisturizer sells Matte-Iculous Matte Base and Top Coat for $16.00, which neither shines nor chips. Besides, nails get an ultra modern touch and a good amount of strengthen.

Usage Instructions

Apply one coat of Matte-Iculous Matte Base and Top Coat on either polished or bard nails.

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