When it comes to finding what notion damages our skin in a most frequent manner, that notion would be nothing else but the Ultra Violet radiation. Thus, the first concern for a person is the seeking protection against Ultra Violet radiation degrading the intricate skin. What is more, the skin around the eyes is even more intricate and this fact demands an eye skin specifically developed formula.Many products are only good regarding the past damage. Those instances may be good-for-nothing when it comes to forestalling the future skin damage. If it is the case, the chosen product can provide a transitional relief only. The point is a person who is bent upon taking the best care of the skin around one’s eyes, should not settle less (a cream resolving the past damage and preventing the future degradation).

The Right Under Eye Skin Protection

This passage leads the readers towards Lumineux Ageless Moisturizer whose formula is effective enough to take care of the said sensitive skin.Its full title is Lumineux Advanced Anti-Aging Ageless Moisturizer SPF 37. The cream in it amounts to 15 ml, which equates 0.5 fluid ounce. Its price is $32.00. Both the official website and Amazon put this product on sale. This $32.00 price fetches a person such anti-aging cream that carries sufficient minerals to hydrate and diminish lines on the face on the one hand and forestall the sunshine damage in days to come with help of the embedded broad-spectrum Ultra Violet protection. Peptides here are taken from oats and this natural source is the hallmark here. From the compound point of view, these are Octinoxate 7.5% and Zinc Oxide 10.1% that puts Lumineux on a high pedestal.The following lines shine how well these oat extracted peptides rescue the skin.

Product Description

Lumineux is a sigh of relief for those who find their Ageless Moisturizer incomplete. The dominant majority of skin issues owe to Ultra Violet exposure. The irony is many creams lack the broad spectrum SPF, which is the suitable shield against the UV sword hanging on the said delicate skin.

Product Features

Well, there are many.

  • For instance, this under eye skin cream is ‘Made in the USA’.
  • Next, the product is Non-Comedogenic.
  • The user can utilize the tip applicator to massage the eye area.
  • Mica minerals here in Lumineux Ageless Moisturizer reflect light, which gives illumination to the skin.
  • Ophthalmologists give a nod to it.
  • Equally appropriate for people who put on the contact lens.
  • The inactive ingredient list is available on the cardboard box and webpage.
  • This Ageless Moisturizer does not cause irritation.
  • Its application does not stir irritation.
  • No worry of allergy.
  • Another important feature is that this Advanced Anti-Aging Ageless Moisturizer SPF 37 is a cruelty-free

Uses As Specified By The Manufacturer

  • Lumineux Ageless Moisturizer offers a super protection again the sunburn, which degrades the facial appeal of people, without any exception. In other words, the said brand let people stay in the sun or work in the sun without getting their skin painfully. Thus, life becomes easy without lowering the facial appeal.
  • The second relevant and important application here is that this cream can be applied in conjunction with other product as well. This working together can close several doors where the monster of cancer can enter and make the life terrible.
  • The third and last benefit for the Lumineux Ageless Moisturizer user is that the photo damage, which is an open invitation for the skin aging, intensity can be curtailed substantially. The aging of skin is certainly powerful enough to rip a person of one’s beauty, at least the magic of the first impression.


The manufacturer suggested uses give a hint that cream contents are quite powerful. So, logically, its application should be marked with caution and those cautions are penned here.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • The Lumineux Ageless Moisturizer is specifically meant for external application. Nobody should try to taste or ingest it. If somebody happens to take Ageless Moisturizer with Oat Peptide inside, seek medical help or seek the assistance of poison control.
  • If the skin is not healthy, or damaged in any way, the Lumineux manufacturer forbids the buyer to apply the cream on the unhealthy surface of the skin, such as, bruised, in some medical condition, etc.
  • The manufacturer advises if the Ageless Moisturizer causes a rash on the skin, discontinue its application to the skin, and see a health expert to resolve the issue.
  • Do not let your eyes come into contact with Ageless Moisturizer with Oat Peptide in any way. If this uncomfortable situation takes place, rinse well.
  • Excessive heat or being in the direct sunlight can be malicious to the contents, so no high amount of heat or direct sunlight should be able to access its storage place.

How To Apply It?

Lumineux Ageless Moisturizer manufactures reveals the most appropriate method to apply this Ageless Moisturizer with Oat Peptide.

  • The first condition is a usual one. Wash the face thoroughly so that no impurities can stand in the way of benefit reception. Use a soft towel to dry by using it in a gentle manner.
  • Take Lumineux Ageless Moisturizer of a pea size and apply it in three dots on the under eye skin, going from inner corner to that of the outer one.
  • Rely on the complete circular motion, measuring 360 degrees, to massage the Oat Peptide-loaded cream into the under eye skin.
  • While applying, take a generous amount.
  • Before going into the sun, ensure that the under eye has received a Supergood accretion fifteen minutes before.
  • If the sunshine is powerful enough to cause sweating, turning to some water resistant sun cream is a very good idea. The same type of assistance for the skin should be sought if the user wishes to go for
  • Ideally, the re-application of the cream should take place after the every two hours duration.
  • If a person thinks of passing the benefit to a child under six month, seek the official view of a health expert.