Muscle Boost XT is a Pre-Workout: Blackout Edition product of American Made Nutrition, which is available for $49.95 from the website of American Made Nutrition. Pre-Workout food supplements have dawned a new approach to health assuring activities. As a result, daunting tasks like losing weight and maintaining a muscular body after the 40’s have lost their quality of being a hard nut to crack. Now, supplements lend hands to the body to burn fats in it in even a better way. It is these and likewise benefits that have entrenched the role of dietary supplements like Muscle Boost XT.


Ingredients are what that make Muscle Boost XT that good that people would trust it, pay to get and even refer it to their kith and kin who are in the same boat. However, it is not possible to shine all that constitutes the ingredient list of Punch by American Made Nutrition.

Vitamin B6

The male body secretes androgen, a compound that lays the foundation of testosterone secreting in the body. Vitamin B6 helps men in maintaining their manhood by helping androgen receptors work even better. As a result, testes get command to go an extra mile. As a result, dwindling figure of testosterone’s is stalled and it begins journey upward. This vitamin, B3, helps the body to host a great libido count, which is directly linked to sex drive, erection matters and so on. Without B3, a body cannot make use of magnesium and zinc.This is how, American Made Nutrition kills two birds with one stone.


Beta-Alanine is here means that Punch is a real help for bodybuilders so that they can do their short but intense workouts in a smooth manner. Its assistance comes in the form of reducing fatigue effect in the body. It becomes possible when Beta-Alanine goes into the body and brings down acidosis in muscle cells in the body. What is more, the working of Beta Alanine does not shadow the volume of oxygen in the body. To put it simply, Beta-Alanine reduces acidity in the muscles that increases the work capacity of a given musculature.


At a glance, L-Taruine in Punch does not appear that relevant for it does offer a direct benefit in Muscle Boost XT. However, its presence means that Beta-Alanine will not be able to hog the receptors it aims at. If either sticks to receptors, the body’s output in the neurological and neuro muscular related activities is bound to deteriorate. It becomes obvious that American Made Nutrition aims at giving benefits to whoever wished to lead a healthier life by placing their faith in Punch.

Creatine Monohydrate

Almost every good food supplement choose to include it. One reason behind Punch’s popularity is that it provides a superb degree of Creatine to the body. The superb quality gives superb ability as well. On the other hand, it suggests how earnest the American Made Nutrition is in its resolve to benefit people who find all semblances of youth are slipping as sand does in a fist. Turning to Creatine Monohydrate in Muscle Boost XT, it increases energy so that body can grow stronger and do even more pieces of work.

Citrulline Malate

The chief reason behind the selection of Citrulline Malate in Punch by American Made Nutrition is that this compound helps the fatigue management system of the body. Then, it helps the body to grow its endurance in two particular fields, that is, aerobic, and anaerobic. American Made Nutrition chooses it for it can provide a needed element, Nitric Oxide. This Oxide helps the body to have more oxygen and food which helps in every function of the body. Citrulline Malate means excellent Citrulline, kudos to American Made Nutrition.


Caffeine strikes a chord with American Made Nutrition as it has a long established repute of being a strong stimulant. In this capacity, it bolsters the endurance as well strength level of the body, which results in a great muscle performance.

Suggested Use

American Made Nutrition guides the buyer of Muscle Boost XT as regards its usage. According to the said manufacturer, a use it to take one scoop from the container and mix it with 8oz or almost one-quarter of a liter water. Its temperature should be cold. Having taken it, the consumer should reach the gym, some sport facility of likewise place between fifteen to thirty minutes. Make sure that having taken the mixture, you should better reach the gym in the said period to get the maximum out of it. That is all.

Dos and Don’ts

The power blended in Muscle Boost XT by American Made Nutrition is quite enough and if not taken care, this power can do something unpleasant to the user. In order to save the user from any possible issue, American Made Nutrition enlists some particular dos and don’ts.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • American Made Nutrition does not evaluate for adolescent use. Tacitly, it means that the Punch food supplement is not for them.
  • Women should not use it in case they are carrying a baby in their wombs.
  • Besides, women should not use it as long as they are nursing a baby.
  • AMN says it is better to see your family doctor before using this American Made Nutrition.
  • American Made Nutrition says that only adults, rather healthy adults make up the targeted market.
  • According to American Made Nutrition the user should not consume it if one is not well. One can use it after recovering.
  • American Made Nutrition does not appreciate overdose and adds that overdose can be bad. Fluctuation in the dose may not do any good to the body rather it may inflict. Similarly, fluctuating dose is not something ideal, so please stick to a constant dose.
  • If Muscle Boost XT begins giving some adverse effect instead of positive, see your doctor.
  • As it is a mixture, it requires to be stored in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.
  • American Made Nutrition advises the Punch user not to take some other stimulant as long as Punch is a part of their diet.
  • Last but not the least, Punch has not been developed for purposes of preventing, diagnosing, curing, or treating any health issue.