It is great for all of us to stay energetic whatever we love to do or we have to do. One way to retain the high energy level is to turn to bananas, almonds, or some pricey food supplements. Which means that staying energetic is bound to cost you money. On should better stop fretting about these two notions as there has emerged Neurova. The said notion serves two important purposes, it turns on the human computer (the brain) and provides fuel to the body to work. These gains become a reality because this gum has been engineered to make these things happen.

What is it?

Neurova is a nootropic gum that neither uses sugar nor aspartame but gives all that a brain needs to work. L-theanine, caffeine, and other ingredients empower this gum to better cognition to the next level. Mental potential gets unleashed when concentration, alertness and memory get improved by taking something one enjoys. This gum is available in two packings. The 12-Pack packing carries 108 servings and costs 28 USD, which means one piece costs.25 USD while one pack costs 2.33 USD. This price slab is for those who subscribe it. For occasional users, the price is USD 35. The USD price of 6-pack is 18, where 54 servings are available. This price sheds 2.5 USD when subscribed.

Why This Neurova?

This neurotrophic is the first drop of rain amongst gums available in the market. The buccal absorption makes it 5 times quicker than nootropic drinks and supplements.One should also bear in mind that drinking supplement may get its efficiency ruffled by stomach acid or bile. In the case of the said gum, it has to withstand saliva only. Then, there is a 30-day money back guarantee that makes this gum stand on a high pedestal. This product has been featured in Time, Oz, Queektime, CNN, Food & Wine, Fox News, and Fitness Journal.To put it simply, Neurova gives fast and easy energy at a quite reasonable price. Besides, its patented formula assures consistency in each serving.

Features of the Product

Quality Ingredients

The first sound witness for Neurova is the quality of ingredients. Only those ingredients make up gum that have clinical evidence proving their efficacy as well as safety. There other features of ingredients listed below.

Vegetarian Making Elements

No animal based making element swell the ingredient list here. All ingredients are plant based.


Not all people are comfortable with Genetically Modified Organisms. Therefore, stakeholders deny entrance to GMOs and make this product Non-GMO based ingredients.

Avoiding Usual Allergy Causing Notions

Many of our brethren develop intolerance to even natural phenomena. Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, etc., make up some common example to quote. None of these is found in the said brand to accommodate medical limitations of such people.


Good Manufacturing Practices are followed while manufacturing of this product. This set of rules ensures efficacy and safety. These two notions promise to fetch a fair value for the money.

Sweetened But Without Sorbitol

Being Neurova spends time with teeth in the first place. Therefore, sorbitol is added instead of sugar so that harm cannot inflict the teeth health. In addition to avoiding the sugar, aspartame is not included either. This show the importance of health considerations. It is because of Aspartame non-saccharide and synthetic sweetener that is used in the place of sugar in many food and beverage brands.It has a link with the emergence of cancer as well. Brands, such as, Red Bull, Rockstar, Nos, and Monster do not resist the temptation of aspartame, but this gum brand does.

Coupling of Science With Energy

The nootropic combination that Neurova has is patented, and sufficiently researched and able of proving 5 times faster energy harnessing the synergy of the ingredient range.

Better Focus For All Users

Neurova is suitable for people who rely on brain, brawn or even both of these to do what they love or they are given a task to do so. In other words, teachers, students, artists, athletes, etc., can make the best possible use.

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Making Entails Passion

Neurova is such nootropic that blesses it user with generous amounts of energy and clarity on the one hand and focus on the other hand. Thus, it becomes possible to live life in true sense.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee is another quality assurance. The user can see the effects for 30 days, and if one does not get satisfied with progress, one can return.


Caffeine is available here in 40 mg, and it gives positive impact on thinking.The said compound is accepted as a stimulant all over the world without any discrimination of work place or home.  Caffeine can decrease the chance of falling prey to dementia, Alzheimer, heart and even cancer.


This compound with 60mg potency is used here to make good the loss caused by caffeine and stress on the one hand and blending the element of betterment in focus. L-Theanine is a natural compound that is given by green tea leaves to us. Its contribution is in the form of blunting effects of caffeine. Blood pressure management gets better. Many health experts say cancer treating medicines can deliver better. When, L-Theanine and Caffeine join their hand to become a nootropic stack ( as it happens here), concentration gets better while distractions grow smaller.

Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine carries B6 title as well. Anyhow, serotonin and neurotransmitter generation gets better in the body. The body needs it daily as it cannot be stored. Neurova ensures that shortage of Vitamin B6 does not take place as it contributes to the making of red blood cells, happening of carbohydrate metabolism, carrying out of liver detoxification, production of neurotransmitters ( like GANA, serotonin, and dopamine). Besides these benevolent functions, antibodies production in the immune system, controlling glucose level in blood,and breaking down of protein in our food owe their happening to the said vitamin.


The said information justifies all claims made by Nootropic Neurova and makes it a product worth buying.