The increase in age brings an increase in the burden of responsibilities and stress but it does not take place in the case of testosterone hormone. Rather, this hormone production grows less. The body need for testosterone rises as our responsibilities pile up and the deficiency between demand and supply begin emerging after the late thirties in the life of a common person, which results in certain unpleasant developments. Testosterone hormone in our body is present in two forms, free or bonded. Bonder testosterone may be indirectly useful, yet free testosterone hormone plays a proactive role. Top of the list are passionate results in lovemaking and the generous return of taking exercises. Thus, a person can role in satisfaction and contentment. NOXOR Platinum Edition helps a man in these situations.

Is It The Only Elixir Available In The Market?

There are many products on the market that claim to be on a par with NOXOR Platinum Edition, yet the fact is that many amongst those are nothing but a mirage. This TST stands better because there is plenty of ingredients in it. TST ingredients are finalized after testing from reputed labs. The making is carried out according to strict rule and regulations. There are no substandard or harmful ingredients blended in the making of NOXOR Platinum Edition. One great advantage of TST is support for libido. The healthy amount and state of libidos are essential for women to keep their interest in sex at a healthy and companionship maintain level. Otherwise, they can show the least enthusiasm and their association with their spouses or boyfriend can become brittle. The point is,X Factor is suitable for women, which is another hallmark here. The formula was fathered by a team of experts that invested heavily in time and money, which results in this miraculous product. These attractions make TST a preferable product.

How Does It Work?

NOXOR Platinum Edition relies on two particular notions to deliver its miraculous impact to the user. Testosterone and Nitric Oxide are those two factors. These two compound work in tandem to better the manly features of a male and begins leaving a difference with the first dose. The co-working ushers an era of great physical and sexual power that can be employed for extraordinary sex experiences and exercising opportunities. The regular use favors in two ways. The benefit figure increases and benefits stay longer.

There is only condition here, which is the regular intake of NOXOR Platinum Edition. Testosterone hormone offers an ideal approach to speed up muscle building. The other requirements of muscle building, such as, adequate oxygen, nutrients, and excretory services are provided to cells where protein synthesis is taking place. These two factors facilitate better production of Human Growth Hormone in the body, which causes another pickup in the muscle making (protein synthesis).

At a Gym

Nitric Oxide in NOXOR Platinum Edition sends more blood everywhere in the body which takes oxygen and nutrients. Consequently, muscle tissues become able to work even well. A person can guess the result without needing any special skill, great accretion of lean muscle to the musculature along with a heap of power and strength. Then, stronger muscles let a person do harder exercise, which repeats the said results on a higher level. Thus, this muscle making and the empowering circle keep giving benefits and the user gets more and more sculpted and powerful muscles.

In Bedroom

Many factors join hand here. In the first place, it is the testosterone hormone, which is the principal prerequisite for excellent sexual health and great sexual power to make oneself and the girlfriend happy. Then, testosterone hormone promotes libidos, which are essential for robust sex drive and complementing reproduction system needs for sufficient hardness of the man’s rod. Next, it is the blood flow that becomes generously available to male sex organ so that it can stand as long as possible, as hard as possible, and satisfy as much as possible.

The Ingredient Profile

NOXOR Platinum Edition becomes able to do wonder for its diverse and effective ingredient profile, which has been briefly described in the following.


This compound in TST widens blood vessel diameter, which sends more blood to the penis. Consequent oxygen and nutrient better the erection quality. Stamina and muscle making in the body take benefit of it.


NOXOR Platinum Edition carries the pristine form of MuiraPuama to raise the testosterone level, which fosters the libido cause too. Overall health too gets better.

Root of Maca Herb

This root in NOXOR Platinum Edition helps testosterone formation in the body. Then, this root extract brings more energy and stamina into the body. These three main development empower a person to do stronger sex and take harder exercises in the gym.

Tongkat Ali

This extract of herb carries so many blessings. The incredible contribution to the male health cause is that user can harden his penis easily and many times. After this, Tongkat Ali makes both body and mind relaxed.

Ginseng Blend           

Ginseng Blend in TST adds another sling to the said brand. This addition owes to increasing libidos, which airs the desire to sex to the next level. This is how a sexual intercourse becomes more interesting.


Due to Boron in NOXOR Platinum Edition, blood circulation raises, which lifts up protein synthesis and testosterone making. The former suits bodybuilding needs and the latter does mating ones.

Saw Palmetto

Extract of the fruit of this ornamental plant has the repute of Viagra of Asia. Libido level gets massive support.

Horny Goat Weed

The primary purpose of TST to include it in its ingredient profile is to escalate endurance and stamina in the user.

Orchic Substance

This substance enables NOXOR Platinum Edition to subside mood swings and relax nerves so that both sex and exercise activities get due attention.

Nettle Extract

  • This herb does not hurt in the form of extract. Rather, it takes strengthen of sex drive up to make sex experiences even better.
  • In addition, L-Citrulline, Gelatin, MagnesiumStearate, Dicalcium and Dipotassium Phosphate and Microcrystalline Cellulose add more slings to the bow of NOXOR Platinum Edition.

Usage Information

The NOXOR Platinum Edition label guides how to use it well.