Fitness matters perhaps the most in a person’s life. Even a billionaire cannot avail anything if one is not in sound health. One cannot enjoy any superior mode of transportation. One cannot enjoy a single moment with the most beautiful girl with the sweetest heart, with daintiest manners, having plenty of free time, and so on. Without sound health, one cannot savoir one’s favorite food and the list goes on. One symbol or mark of sound health is a slim body. Having this type of body is difficult in the present lifestyle where priorities are quite different. Usually, the route leading to the sound health passes through mountains of challenges, which are quite difficult to surmount. In some cases, these appear so challenging that a certain challenger gives up. Despite the scale of success, the fact is everybody nurtures in one’s heart to have a slim and lean body that will be fun not only for him but also for his partner or spouse or vice versa. Research in the health and fitness province keeps presenting newer and better ways to take care of one’s health.

Garcinia Cambogia comes to the fore as a result of the said type of research. Health experts are of the view that Garcinia Cambogia is capable of trimming a body. Top of the list, it is a natural solution as well. This discovery causes a mushroom growth of such food supplements that promise its user a considerable loss of weight if they use their product. The point is that there have appeared so many products that one can get baffled easily. One of those is Garcinia Cambogia presented by Fitness Mac. This Opti Loss Garcinia claims a lot.


To begin with, it says that Opti Loss Garcinia has the potency of 95%. Then, it says that is made in the USA. Next claim that makes it weird is the title of the entity. Next, we are told that the product bears the seal of GMP. The facility is claimed to be FDA registered. Next, the label informs us that there is no Daily Value stated. In addition, there is mention of the website. We shall visit it as well in order to ascertain the truth in the information provided there.

Trade Mark

There is no mention of the trademark of the product, i.e., Opti Loss Garcinia, which is a product of Fitness Mac. It gives the impression if Fitness Mac is the producer and Garcinia Cambogia is its product. All entities get patent or registration so that other will not be able to grind their own axe. But there is no such information. The product name is the biological name of a sour tasting fruit found in the South East Asia. However, the label is silent about the registration of the mark. This situation draws two conclusions instantly. The product is fake because merely typing Garcinia Cambogia, search engine takes us to such products that contain the same name of the fruit and likewise. The internet makes verification so easy. One can check a firm on various platform. The first one is Internal Revenue Service whose web address is Its finding reveals that the US tax authorities do not know Fitness Mac. Then, it is the turn of United States Patent and Trademark Office. A search on its website does not says anything about the concern that makes the Opti Loss Garcinia doubtful. The title of the entity was searched in the US Small Business Administration’s website, and the result was a complete disappointment. Same was the case with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s finding. Even the website of Arlington VA was searched but in vain. The point is that all these websites give an idea of a genuine firm working in the USA. Those negative findings clarify that there is no such concern as Fitness Mac in the data of USA government. It is evident that product is fake.

Made in the USA
The foregoing findings also prove the information of made in the USA on Opti Loss Garcinia completely false and fabricated. Had there been an iota of authenticity, any one of the a fore-stated websites would have given any clue.


Turning to the address of Opti Loss Garcinia, it is easy to search the truth of element here as well. The label and the website informs that the concern is located on 1005 N. Glebe Rd. Suite 450, Arlington, VA 22201.  When its address was searched on a famous search engine, there comes stunning information once again. It reveals that some JADE AND JASMINE HEALING ARTS LLC has been established there. Another internet search result informs us that Beth Burke Farrar, L.Ac. ACUPUNCTURE & CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE works there. In other words, there are three business in a single suite, which is another lie. The contact number provided on the label and but a website Country Calling Codes inform us on a search made there that phone dialing code does not belong to the said city.


Label informs us that Opti Loss Garcinia has been manufactured in a facility that comes up to the FDA mark. The product should have come up to the said mark. But there is no blob of information that makes it doubtful according to the search carried on the official website.


The product label says that Good Manufacturing Practices were followed while Opti Loss Garcinia was being produced. ISPE website gives us not information about the concern. Thus, it proves to be fake.

Manufacturing or Distributing Concern?

The front part of the label suggests as if Fitness Mac was manufacturing entity, while the other sides suggest that it is a distributing concern. The website does not clarify on About US what they are and likewise bits of information.


Opti Loss Garcinia product seems to be a fake product. The label carries incomplete and contradictory information. It is evident from the search results of various USA government departments that one should not trust or invest in Opti Loss Garcinia.