HVMN stakeholders see the human as a system can be bettered in many aspects. The development of the gamut entails physical, cognitive and metabolic gains. Four product have nootropic attributes and adore the following passage.

  1. YAWN

YAWN is one nootropic product here that induce sleep, betters it quality and colors every waking up fresh. Many experts see sound sleep contributing tremendously to optimized cognition function. One-time YAWN purchase from Orb Mental Focus + Mood website charges $15, which reduces to $13.50 if subscribed. The YAWN user roles in quick and effective sleep as YAWN content is marked by melatonin and glycine.

Clinical findings inform that time required to come into arms of sleep dips to a 7.06-minute reduction, on average. In another one, melatonin reduces REM sleep. The primary purpose of YAWN is sleep quick and fast. This credit goes to the YAWN ingredient profile that brings sleep in a fast manner, and makes it sound sleep and finally fills a given person with freshness in the morning. Such sleep betters memorizing, its retention and invites revival. Though there are multiple references to studies on the web page, yet all those cannot be included here. One more study reveals that glycine intake frees a given person from fatigues and replace with liveliness at the time of waking.

Usage Instructions

  • Orb Mental Focus + Mood advises that a YAWN user should take one capsule one hour before going to be with one glass of water. Alternatively, a person can choose to pour contents of halves on the tongue for half a minute. Take a glass of water after tasting nominal sweet taste of YAWN.
  • Take one capsule of YAWN with a glass of water, one hour before bedtime.
  • The YAWN ingredient profile is marked by 500 mg Glycine, 100 mg L-Theanine, 300 mcg Melatonin, and 250 mg Magnesium Glycinate.

Orb Mental Focus + Mood develops SPRINT to proffer instant cognitive support when a given person is to complete a gran project, carry out uphill tasks, or some mental challenge. SPRINt blesses its user with alertness and relaxation simultaneously thus introduce such slow of mind that ensures smooth sailing. One time purchase demands $39.00 while subscription costs $35.10.

Caffeine + L-Theanine Synergy

Sprint relies on Caffeine and L-Theanine works hand in hand to better cognition. As a result of clinical studies, sustained attention and semantic memory grew 13.94% and 3.34 % respectively.

HVMN develops SPRINT so that the user will not undergo crash, and jitters so that focus can stay intact. The ingredient profile of SPRINT focuses on giving cognitive advantages quickly. Alertness, focus, quick reaction, and sharp memory are important gains here. For example, reaction time quickens and accuracy increases. The conventional nootropic approach in sundry brands leads to over stimulation and invites crash after a spike that is why that conventional approach is not here.On the percentage scale, this increase is measured at 9.37%. In the case of alertness, the percentage figure was 19.49% (after both caffeine and L-Theanine make their way into the stomach).

Usage Instructions

A person can take one to two capsules, according to the need for focus and alertness. Two capsules equate 100 mg caffeine. The maximum intake in 24 hours is eight capsules. Effect begin emerging after 30 minutes of intake and continues for six hours. A fine replacement for any energy drink or coffee.

Ingredient Profile

The Sprint ingredient profile is marked by 100 mg Caffeine, 200 mg L-Theanine, 20 mg of Vitamin B6, 60 mcg Vitamin B12, 40 mg Vinpocetine, and 400 mg L-Tyrosine.

  1. KADO-3

Orb Mental Focus + Mood marks KADO-3 with the stack of fish and krill oil to proffer a sturdy shield to body and mind. KADO-3 is marked by 2:1 DHA to EPA ratio. B DHA serves cognitive processing. There are two manifestations of omega-3 fatty acids, that is, DHA and EPA. The synergy of Vitamin K and D, and Astaxanthin adds another sling to the KADO-3 bow. Its one-time purchases cost a person $49.00. subscription package gives a discount of $4.90, 10% of the actual price.

The KADO-3 powerful combination of fish and krill oil is boosted by astaxanthin oil. Astaxanthin oil has is rich anti-dote against oxidative stress. Thus, Astaxanthin oil serves neuroprotection by putting a lid on free radicals. Vitamin D becomes able to justify its worth, as one consequent. Then, Vitamin K lends it helping hand to Vitamin D to strengthen bones. In addition, these two vitamins, K and D, are known as micro nutrients. The foundation of KADO-3 exhibits Omega-3 fatty acids, (DHA and EPA). The purpose is to proffer cognitive benefit.

Usage Instructions

There aren’t several of them. Orb Mental Focus + Mood advises that two soft gels make up the ideal pill count. HVMN adds that taking these two KADO-3 capsules at the breakfast or with the first meal is the more appropriate choice.

Ingredient Profile

Space allows mere listing of KADO-3 ingredient list. These are 500 mcg Vitamin K1, 100 mcg Vitamin K2, 1 mg Astaxanthin Oil, 2000 IU Vitamin D3, 460 mg DHA and 230 mg EPA.


Orb Mental Focus + Mood fourth nootropic product is GO CUBES, which is a blend of the excitement of coffee and chilling of green tea. HVMN saves a person from the effort of putting coffee into the cup by making it chewable cute so that performance becomes handy. Every cube is equal to 50mg of coffee, which is a half cup. The presence of nootropics is a tacit understanding. Consequent gains are reduced jitteriness, sharp focus and enhanced cognitive results.

One time purchase costs $39.00 while subscription gives 10% discount ($35.10 price tag). There are three flavors (marked by hues), Mocha, Latte and PureDrip. Extra energy becomes a need while studying or partying. GO CUBES by Orb Mental Focus + Mood serve both these purposes. 50mg Caffeine serves the former purpose while 100mg L-Theanine serves the latter.

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Nootropic Ingredients

Once again, space allows mere enumeration of these. These are 100mg Caffeine, 200mg L-Theanine, 2mg VitaminB6, and 4mcg Vitamin B12.


Usage Instructions

Orb Mental Focus + Mood comes up with a few usage instructions for GO CUBES. Two cubes make up the serving. The appropriate count can be finalized form the coffee intake of a given person. Two cubes or one GO CUBES serving remains effective from four to six hours.