Baxter of California puts Oxygenik Cream for $36.00. Reviews on the said website give four out of five stars. What distinguishes this brand from others is that Baxter of California develops its formula to serve anti-aging needs of men. Certainly, a breeze for men, otherwise it appears as if only women have to undergo aging and men have evergreen skin that is ignorant of an autumn by the name of aging. For its range of anti-aging fixing abilities, the formula earns the title of Anti-Aging Essential. This putting on sale is not a debut but a relaunch. The relaunch comes with many boons. For instance, there are natural extracts with support from the most recent scientific methods to reach the ends of refreshing and moisturizing the skin.


As regards topical application of Oxygenik Cream to the skin types, the Anti-Aging Essential gets along with all skin kinds. Each jar carries 50 milliliters of content which is 1.7 ounces in American eyes.Recharge Cream is not essentially a cream, rather a blend of cream and gel, which is one of its own kind. This combination allows the mentioned brand to get drawn in the skin in a smooth manner to serve the nourishment purpose on the one hand and hydration on the other. There is another feature distinguishing Anti-Aging Essential that the topical application does not leave any greasy residue. This fact suggests that pillows or blankets would not get smeared by adding one Oxygenik accretion to the skin.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile fashioned by Baxter of California for Oxygenik speaks volumes about the quality. Take the example of Vigna extract. Vigna Extract helps renewing of the skin so that fine lines can go away. The soy extract, laden with protein and other nutrients, shores up firmness. Then, Apricot oil comes forward to soften the skin so that firmness can get better. After this, caffeine helps blood flow to help the skin get healthier. Better blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients bettering the complexion as well.

Natural and Safe

Oxygenik Cream is both natural and safe. One proof is the absence of the fragrance and the second is that of paraben. None of the listed ingredients is man-made. The internet carries supportive information. Anyone can see that Baxter of California chosen ingredients are fit for purpose.

Findings Of A Test

Baxter of California conducts a test of Oxygenik Cream on 59 sample men that lasted for a month. According to that test, 85% of the sampled men found their skin appearing smooth. 3% fewer men found that their rejuvenation marked the appearance of their skin. In the last bit of information, it becomes evident that 88% of sample men felt their skin gained hydration.

Monetary Benefits

Monetary attraction is also there. It makes the purchase easier. A bit of discount casts more or less magic over the customer. The saving of a few dollars may not help a person buy a Lamborghini, yet it helps in wining hearts. In this sense, Baxter of California goes an extra mile. There are two discount slabs available on the website. According to the first slab, a discount of 15% is available on mere sign up. There is more to follow. The website stakeholders present data if there is some new Baxter of California product. Exclusive bits of information become available for a person who signs up. The availability of tips is another advantage here. The website informs that it is possible to earn even 20% discount. The method is there. The website is silent on whether both options can be blend together into one or not, so a person has to contact the website about it, least one should miss a chance of saving.

Shipment Charges

Baxter of California website announces an order worth 50 USD or greater would not be charged for the shipping expense. Here is one more way to evade the shipping expense, get a subscription. The choice is right there on the Oxygenik web page.

The Usage Instructions

There are not many. It takes a glance to bear those Oxygenik Cream instructions.

  • The first piece of advice is to wash the face. A face wash ensures there exists no trace of dust, blocking pores or restricting the absorption by half-open or clogged pores.
  • The topical application of Anti-Aging Essential should be carried out in an open-handed manner. One can extend the application to the neck.
  • It is just fine to apply the Oxygenik Skin in the morning and then repeat in the evening.

Words Of Caution

  • Keep it away from children.
  • For external use only.
  • Baxter of California blends no medicinal influence in Recharge Cream. For this reason, Baxter of California asks its admirers not to expect any ability of finding, resolving, or preventing any disease.

The Concern

One can easily infer that Baxter of California is maker here. Its purpose behind Oxygenik Cream was to come up such brand that would reinstate of one’s individuality. This said brand is the best shot to upgrade lifestyle to the next level in the eyes of Oxygenik stakeholders. The making entity accomplishes its task of serving the anti-aging cause through simple but efficacious approaches. The formula of Recharge Cream is so effective that its effectiveness makes Oxygenik a must for mature men. One may take Baxter of California for an emergent brand. The fact is that all consequent years since 1965 have been observing effort of the Baxter. Had there been some pretensions, the progress of time would have annihilated those.


Oxygenik Cream quality can be measured from the fact that it was tried &tested and the venue was the Baxter point in Los Angeles of the US. This is one reason that a seed sowed in 1965 has grown into a set up worth mentioning and benefiting. This is the reason the said concerned flourished in the 1970’s noticeably and expanded again in 2005