In the world of today, a person with greater cognitive function outshines one’s peers, irrespective of the field. Now, IT can fetch a plethora of examples where a better understanding, out of box approach, an idea, a quicker and more accurate reaction, et., has been able to turn tables on competition. The surge in opportunities and girding of the edge of competition now nudge people to make as good use of their cognitive abilities as possible. Clinical studies reveal that if various parts and functions of brain are improved, the range of cognitive functions can benefit. The cognitive function covers almost every voluntary action. Common examples are understating, learning, memory retention, recalling, will power, consistency, focus, concentration and likewise.

Dawn of the Phenom Health NutraMood+

The field of supplement that help in aforesaid area, carries the title of Nootropics. Phenom Health NutraMood+ takes a practical step in optimizing functions of brain, as listed in the above, by developing an appropriate solution by the title of Phenom Health NutraMood+. Following lines revolve around it in a logical way to impress upon the reader that Phenom Health NutraMood+is a fit-for-purpose nootropic. Phenom Health NutraMood+ is such nootropic that can be consumed regularly, on a daily basis. The ingredient profile selected by Phenom Health NutraMood+ has an establish repute for polishing several brain functions. Focus, bearing in mind, resilience, verbal fluency are part of those.

However, it is also true that opting for a right approach is going to incur some expenses on a regular base. Thus, a person has to be careful while choosing a product. Phenom Health NutraMood+ takes this task upon itself for a reasonable cost, which is further discounted. Hence, all a person looking for more efficient cognitive contribution into one’s life has to pay $29.99 for sixty Phenom Health NutraMood+ pills. The official website proffers this discount of 10 US Dollars.


Phenom Health NutraMood+ serves nootropic purpose daily so that aging cannot rest those. The natural and effective Phenom Health NutraMood+ ingredient profile is meticulous and effective attempt at keeping one’s mind Phenom Health NutraMood+. The only condition here is consistency of the use.

Ingredient Profile

It is the Phenom Health NutraMood+ developed ingredient profile of Phenom Health NutraMood+ that gives so much benefiting power to it. This listing serves many a purpose. First, it is a symbol that real effort has been inputted by Phenom Health NutraMood+. The internet can bear the witness to the relevance, is the second point. A person is to simply browse the internet. Third, more information can be sought from the aforesaid source. Fourth, there will not rise any compatibility issue with detailed information. Fifth, the ingredient profile supports earnestness of Phenom Health NutraMood+. Sixth, these bits of information reveal that neither Phenom Health NutraMood+ nor Phenom Health NutraMood+ is any substandard notion. Anyhow, some constituents are in the following.


Phenom Health NutraMood+ employs RhodiolaRosea with purpose of promoting vitality in both body and mind. Then, there are benefits regarding tiredness, which may attributed to long stressful and exhausting situations. The neuro protection is another property here. Neuroprotection puts on longevity trapping owing to RhodiolaRosea.


Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, experts call it Alpha-GPC and even by a shorter name α-GPC, is a cholinergic compound. Its contribution is in the cognitive function and energizing. Cellular membranes are another group of beneficiaries. What is more cognitive decline slows when the body carries adequate Alpha-GPC.

Vitamin B5

This vitamin executes a composite range of functions in body and mind. The cognitive process gets better too.

Vitamin B6

Contributes to smooth sailing in cognitive function.

Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin

Vitamin B12 supports usual working of nervous system and brain. But the issue is that vitamin B12 cannot be stored in the body for it dissolves into water and a person needs Phenom Health NutraMood+ Evergren.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin is part of vitamin B complex and contributes to better cognitive function.


This mineral is here in Phenom Health NutraMood+ for its role in more than 300 functions in the body. Many of those take place in the mind. Hippocampus bears a witness to the efficient working or synapses. Hence, it assumes nootropic trappings as well.


Amazon banks in Brazil give this nootropic gift to the world. Its caffeine resembling impact brings it to the attention of Nortwest Nootropics while developing Phenom Health NutraMood+. Body cannot make use of Guarana quickly. This property enable Guaran to provide energy to mind consistently. No wonder, results emerge in memory retention, paying attention, and long lasting focus.

Green Tea

Two Green Tea compounds catch the attention of Phenom Health NutraMood+ formulating team which are, Caffeine and Theanine. Caffeine works to keep person in an alert state of mind. This mental energy helps in staying attentive as well. Turning to L-Theanine, it saves the caffeine user from its typical side effects, such as, jittery feel. Then, Theanine serves the nootropic purpose of Phenom Health NutraMood+ by contributing to GABA inhibiting function.


GABA reduces the anxiety effects and ensure a cool state of mind. The promotion of dopamine too owes to green tea extract. No health expert denies the importance of resisting oxidative stress on brain as well. Green tea extract comes with polyphenols and Phenom Health NutraMood+ uses it to slow the infliction of aging onto brain cells.

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Some experts call it water hyssop too. This herb extract adds one more sling to Phenom Health NutraMood+. Its role in managing using dopamine and serotonin brings it into Phenom Health NutraMood+. As one result, memorizing, focusing and attention giving capacity grows.


  • The Phenom Health NutraMood+usage information is quite digestible for the small size.
  • An Phenom Health NutraMood+ admirer is to take two Phenom Health NutraMood+ capsules a day.
  • Phenom Health NutraMood+ adds that one can choose to take two capsules together. Alternatively, a person can choose to take one Phenom Health NutraMood+ capsule in the morning and the other Phenom Health NutraMood+ pill in the evening.
  • Better results are expected when taken on a full stomach.

Words of Caution

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for minors either.
  • Suitable for health adults.
  • Not suitable in case of any uncomfortable medical condition.
  • No advisable for pregnant women.
  • Equally forbidden for nursing women.

These bits of information present Phenom Health NutraMood+ as a fit for purpose nootropic food supplement.