+ IQ Points is a food supplement making entity that focuses the brain health and its function that involve so many aspects. + IQ Points begets many nootropic products and + IQ Points is one new product amongst the crafted titles. + IQ Points provided first information about its hallmark products on it website. At the same time, + IQ Points uses the said platform to sell products direct to the buyer. Each tablet of + IQ Points carries the 500mg potency and two pills constitute one serving. + IQ Points sells the pack of + IQ Points at the discounted rate of 17.95 USD, saving 11.4 USD. One chief purpose + IQ Points it let more people reach it and take advantage. The point of launching this new product was to harness the maximum possible potential furled in one of super and strongest herb discovered so far.

Health Considerations

+ IQ Points not only puts + IQ Points on sale at a discounted price to let a larger amount of people lead a better life but also make it suitable for digestive systems of so varied people.


Many people revolve around organic produce and do not wish to overstep the organic mark. This one thing that expands the targeted market of + IQ POINTS.


Vegetarian, the content range and the modus operandi observes the vegetarian method of making so that it can appeal such people who have committed themselves to a vegetarian lifestyle.


Many of us are wary of Genetically Modified Organisms. They are quite right because the human does not have sufficient information about those. Therefore, many amongst our brethren choose not to consider any product that makes use of Genetically Modified Organisms. To access those people, the manufacturer turns to The Non-GMO project to ensure the targeted market that the ingredient list or the formula does not contain any GMO thing. Thus, Non-GMO is made another hallmark of + IQ Points + IQ POINTS

Ashwagandha Root.

Gluten Free

Wheat is a rich source of Gluten. However, many people’s digestive systems go berserk the moment gluten finds a way into the stomach. It happens because their bodies become allergic to gluten. To make + IQ Points even safer, + IQ Points does not include gluten in the said project. Hence, a buyer with gluten intolerance can take it smoothly.

Soy is Not Here Either

Just like gluten, many people amongst are allergic to soy. In order to cater their brain needs, + IQ Points prepares such formula to produce + IQ POINTS that does not seek nutrition help from soy and keeps it soy free.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee appears a tool that undoes the principal amount, profit, and effort an entity would have inputted. However, the fact is rather opposite in the case of + IQ Points. The Money Back Guarantee means that the begetter is so confident that one has presented such offer. Then, this guarantee is valid for 90 days.


There is again a favor for those who buy + IQ Points food supplement, they are going to have free of cost shipping all over the USA.

Made in the USA

A product made in the USA has the edge over its counterpart made in any other part of the country. The difference lies in the stringent manufacturing laws which become even more stringent in the case of any edible solutions. Being made in the USA + IQ POINTS tacitly suggests that it is worth spending money.


GMP and NSF are another feather in the cap of + IQ Points. The former, i.e., Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, hails from Food and Drug Administration and oversees the complete manufacturing process thoroughly.

NSF or National Sanitation Foundation is also an acknowledged standard in the case of the edible solution. + IQ POINTS coming up to this mark too speaks volumes about the integrity of + IQ Points and its meticulous care in making of the said food supplement.

Even Further Discount

+ IQ Points decreases the price to 15% again when a person select subscription mode of purchase rather than one-time purchase. Under the subscription buying approach, each +IQ POINTS. The website is pregnant with this subscription information.

Features of + IQ POINTS

+ IQ Points packs + IQ POINTS® Ashwagandha extract with several features. The scope does not allow mention of all of those + IQ POINTS attributes at length. Some important and easy to understand of a lay man have been listed in the following.


  • It sticks out a mile because numerous research studies center the given extract. Numerous clinical trials acknowledge the sagacity of + IQ Points in making + IQ POINTS the protagonist here.
  • IQ Points is a light tower emitting rays of hope for those are dragging their feet in the provinces of memory, cognition, the burden on mind and anxiety.
  • + IQ Points makes ground for improvement in strength and endurance.
  • The extract of + IQ POINTS takes place in the light of Green Chemistry, which puts unique trappings on it.
  • Made in the USA, GMP, NSF, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, and Double Discount make it a right choice.


  • The first reason + IQ Points chooses + IQ POINTS extract is the target of brain health.
  • + IQ POINTS alleviates stress and tension.
  • Empowers athletes to experience superb endurance.
  • The user resembling sleeping like a log.
  • Sex drive is a beneficiary too.
  • + IQ POINTS has the potential of bolstering the immune system.
  • Last but the least, the product comes from green protests.

Usage Instructions

  • + IQ Points enlists instruction as regards the intake of the under review dietary supplement, i.e., + IQ POINTS.
  • Take one + IQ POINTS tablet in the morning and the other in the evening. Swallow the pill with water and increase the water intake afterwards.
  • In the case of being an athlete, the user can take three capsules evenly divided in a day according to available hours.
  • To wring maximum results out of + IQ POINTS, one should keep using it for 90 days, minimum.


+ IQ Points + IQ Points Root is nootropic food supplement for those people who their brain working is to get better. + IQ POINTS is worth its weight in gold.