SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia is a food supplement BeLiveputs on sale on its website. This supplement is available in the packing of 60 capsules. The website carries very limited information about the product. It is informed that the said food supplement is top of the list choice to shed undesired weight while a person is asleep. Next quality revolves around its ability to put metabolism in the overdrive. After this, sound sleep is another benefit of taking the said food supplement. Penultimate property of the said food supplement is slow the food storage in the body in the form of body fats. Finally, it weight loss performance is supported by scientific methods. The label enlists total nine making elements of this food supplement. Then, there is instructions to use, warning and likewise pieces of information. Finally, it carries a PO Box office bases address, followed by two seals informing that the product was made in the USA and it observed Good Manufacturing Practices. The gist of all the available information on the label and the website is that it is top of the list product in the world of health and wellness.

The Reality

The said lines present one side of the picture and try their best to convince the reader that it is the right product to lose weight. Pondering over the information available on both the label and website of SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia, one can find what is under the hood.

The Manufacturer

The label informs us that SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia is a product of BeLive which has been functioning at somewhere in California since 2016. Beyond it, there is no information. There is no mention of the exact detail about the establishment of the concern. There is no information with what US authority it works and what compliance makes it fit for purpose. There is no information what and by whom the idea of BeLive was conceived and put into practice. The development of food supplement entails experts coming from various disciplines. Who comprises the team, what are the credentials of the team, its experience, expertise, motivation, objective, etc., There is nothing. The absence of such important bits of information about BeLive be little its stature and this negative impression rubs off on the product as well.

Made in the USA?

Both the website and label of SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia inform us that Moon Burn has been manufactured in the USA. However, the same side of the label also informs us that Moon Burn has been made for BeLive and closely followed by some PO Box number in California. The address adds to the confusion. One cannot make sense of it. One cannot decide whether the address is of the BeLive or the entity that manufactured it. The website does not contain even this incomplete address. In addition, there is no information with what US authority BeLive is registered. The label adds that the product is registered. But it does not give any information when it got registered with US Patent and Trademark Office. The Moon Burn label has no piece of information that can be confirmed from Internal Revenue Service, US Small Business Administration, and Securities and Exchange Commission. Even Better Business Bureau has no information about it. In short, it is completely surrounded by mystery when it comes to any bit of information that can give legal evidence that it has an American connection. What makes is even worse is that the website is mute in all the said aspects.


It seems as if the product were enjoining official blessing of Food and Drug Administration of the USA.However, a close view reveals that SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia has been produced in a facility that comes up to the mark, i.e., FDA and that’s it. The label makes a startling revelation that Moon Burn has not been evaluated by FDA. The label provides no detail about the first claim. What makes the situation even worse is that website of the product could have provided satiating details, but stakes holders prefer to bite their tongue. The stakeholders fail to provide some regulatory information enabling Moon Burn fit-for-purpose for a certain gender, and age group. BeLive completely fails in enlightening the reader what is condition of the manufacturing facility where Moon Burn weight loss solution is produced. What laws and regulation prevail in the packing, storing and shipping department. Is the workforce there is fit-for-purpose and so on. Another disaster belittles the Moon Burn.

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The reader comes to know that SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia is different from other solution because it works during the night while a person is asleep. It suggests that the user of Moon Burn will not have to move a limb literally. Apparently, it is a major breakthrough. But the complete lack of clinical evidence belittles it to an almost lie that casts an un-washable slur on the Moon Burn.

Good Manufacturing Practice

The label says GMP but does not carry even the official seal of Good Manufacturing Practices on the sticker. Any further information about this aspect is absent. The website fails to provide a smattering about it.

Other Claims On The Label

The label of SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia seems to be a table of wishful thinking as there is not a shred of information available. The same is true in the case of. One cannot ascertain how SlenderRX can make a body shed its unwanted weight during sleep. There is not even generic information about the ingredients that contribute to the relaxation of the user what to speak of clinical evidence. How it stimulates the fat burning process in the body is an utter secrecy here. There is no evidence that whatever ingredient has been used is here is pure. There is no mention of any scientific benchmark that can refute questions putting the integrity of Moon Burn in serious doubt and so on.


The following lines can evaluate only the few facets of SlenderRX Garcinia Cambogia. As a result, a person finds utter darkness waiting for oneself. In short, there is no truth in the information provided on the label and the website of the product, Moon Burn. Avoid it.