A person can use Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate only if one gets these. Tianeptine Store is an online entity putting these notions on sale. This online store takes the purveying of these two compounds quite seriously. The store hopes there will be no limit as its proffered Tianeptine products are pure that these are offered by International Tianeptine Specialists. This passage pays attention to both Tianeptine Store and Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate, so following lines are going to handle these in the same chronology.

100% Positive Feedback

The store is almost an entrant in the field of Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate providing field. It started in March 2015 and by the time of penning it, it has bagged more than one thousand and five hundred satisfied customers. Tianeptine Store can be acceded by eBay too. Either approach, the website and eBay, are marked by hundred percent positive feedback by buyers coming from all over the world. The  store pronounces a solemn vow to continue with this policy.

24-Hour Shipping Time

Tianeptine Store dispatches orders in before clock sounds 24-hour time is over. There are tracking and insurance facility gives risk-free shopping experience. The Store pays heed to privacy of its customers by ensuring a direct delivery at the doorstep. The firm engages discreet and secure deliverance through USPS. Tianeptine Store shipping web page provides detailed shipping information. What is more, the page informs about postage and expected arrival time.

Laboratory Tested

Purity is one hallmark of Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate available with Tianeptine Store. The claim of more or less 99% purity of said products is supported by independently conducted tests. Tests are organized meticulously and accompanied by COA documents. This Tianeptine selling store provides a link to the visitor in case one is interested in browsing the third party provided documents with reference to HPLC purity examination.


  1. Tianeptine Sodium

Tianeptine Store puts almost 99% pure Tianeptine Sodium on sale in three packing choices. 2, 5, and 10 grams. The two-gram packing costs $22.99, five-gram packing costs $59.99, and 10-gram packing costs $129.99. The shipping is assigned to United States Postal Service for domestic posting and International 1st Class of the same concern for international buyers. It takes 24 working hours for an order to get dispatched. The quality assurance here is delivered by Independent Third Party Analysis. A buyer can choose to pay Visa, MasterCard or bitcoin. The purchase from the Tianeptine Store gets a 15% discount as well.

This store writes a Disclaimer on both webpages of its products (Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate) and expects the buyer to go through it before going for Tianeptine Sodium. One important point Tianeptine Store writes there is that a Tianeptine buyer’s age has to be greater than 18 years. Another important bit of information says the Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate are for entertainment purpose only.

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  1. Description

In some countries,Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate do not get approval. In countries where Tianeptine Sodium and Tianeptine Sulfate get approval are also known Tanitol, Stablon, and Coaxil. The main purpose of Tianeptine is to take care of any considerable depressive disorder. Recent findings advise that Tianeptineshould be better taken to alleviate Asthma and IBS.

Structure wise, it falls into tricyclic antidepressant that resembles amitriptyline and doxepin. The two latter titles are actually other TCA manifestations. Where Tianeptine differs is its working method, which comes into contrast with usual antidepressants. Tianeptine stores conditions that buyer should have seen 18 summers of one’s life, at least. 20 years have elapsed since Tianeptine’s coming into being. In some countries, it is legal and in some it isn’t. The USA, the UK, Common Wealth of Canada, and New Zealand are noteworthy countries in the latter list.

  1. Usages, Both Approved And Unapproved

There are several medical usages for Tianeptine. The denial of Tianeptine approval in many countries restricts its use for research objectives alone. This limited Tianeptine application leads to off-label uses in case most Tianeptine buyers.

  • Effects and Nodded Medical Uses

As regards medical uses, Tianeptine assists a person in dealing with depression, IBA, asthma, likewise some other anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal, pain killing, cognitive dysfunction induced by depression, convulsant, ADHD, and erectile dysfunction. Its neuro protection blunts stress’ attempt of remodelling hippocampal.

  1. Dosage

Three tablets for the entire day, is the dosage advice. Each tablet potency is 12.5 mg. The first pill (12.5 gram) should be taken in the morning, the mid-day and evening. Ensure the tablet goes inside before taking meals at said points of time.

  1. Tianeptine Sulfate

More or less 99% pure Tianeptine Sulfate is available for purchase on Tianeptine Store. The said store sells Tianeptine Sulfate in three quantities, 2 grams, 5 grams and finally, 10 grams. The first packing incurs an expenditure of $32.99. The second costs $69.99. The third packing of 10 grams costs $119.99. Turning to posting products to buyers, Tianeptine Store assigns it to the United States Postal Service, as it does in the case of Tianeptine Sodium. Similarly, international posting is handled in the same way, i.e., International 1st Class, with tracking number. The dispatch time here is the same as that of Tianeptine Sodium, i.e., 24 working hours or fewer. The payment method as regards Tianeptine Sulfate remains the same as it is regarding Tianeptine Chloride.

  1. Overview

Before presenting the Tianeptine Sulfate overview, Tianeptine Store provides a disclaimer for a visitor to read before making any progress here. This section carries a mention of some ground realities and, consequently, expects the visitor to go through.The sulphate formation of Tianeptine is also known as Tianeptine Hemisulfate Monohydrate and happens to be a present-day pseudo-analogue of Tianeptine Sodium.

  1. Uses

Tianeptine Store website lists unapproved uses under the uses tab. It adds owing to ongoing patent request there is no official usage list available. Unofficially, Tianeptine Sulfate usage is not different from that of Tianeptine sodium.

There is some difference but it takes place in the case of storing, stability, time period, and excretion fields.