When a boy grows into a man, manhood appears to be a settle notion. It takes two decades to understand that manhood is a variable notion. This realization is no means a breeze for a man who has been able to explore advantages of the manhood. Manhood encompasses so many things, such as, excellent sex drive, frequent erections, controlled ejaculations, sound sleep, stable moods, ever-present energy, muscles oozing with power and so on. Tryvexan, by VH Nutrition, is such a food supplement whose formula uses natural ingredients to fix issues like low libido count, poor sex drive, and a healthy number of testosterone count. The swallowing of capsules dawns stability to the mood so that sadness will not be able to shadow any moment of fun. The most important role natural ingredient here fetch is better sex drive and testosterone production with supportive blood flow.


The price is reasonable. VH Nutrition puts a price tag of 34.99 US Dollar on Tryvexan. However, VH Nutrition is selling it for $23.99, a discounted price of 31%. Thus, each purchase adds $11.00 to one’s savings.

The Description

Effectiveness is the hallmark of Tryvexan that has been developed to blend a boost in libido production in a man. These phenomena help a person to raise urge to sex to such extent that a chunk of happiness gets strung to it. It is not all, energy, blood flow, and better sperm production are some advantages available here. The great level of effectiveness in it, helps a man to get ready to shake his girlfriend in the bed in four hours after the swallowing a pill. This much effectiveness was able to emerge here only after people at VH Nutrition involved its making spent months and lot of money to find out what can bring back youthfulness without spending a fortune.

Then, the user does not have to worry about side effects despite the awesome power in capsules here. The VH Nutrition developed formula comprises of only those naturally found ingredients that give results in laboratories in addition to in myths. The terrific sales figure of Tryvexan corroborates what the formula says. It is unlike those supplements promising a sea change but what change it brings is to the coffers of the seller. It does not happen here at VH Nutrition. Real product real results including an energy boost, hormonal balance readying a person to please oneself and one’s girlfriend, and much more.

Usage Instructions

VH Nutrition lists a few directions, which makes Tryvexan use easy as pie. In fact, precise usage is a bliss from VH Nutrition.

  • VH Nutrition advises to take minimum two capsules a day. Ideally one in the morning and other in the evening.
  • The maximum allowed dose here by VH Nutrition is four capsules a day.
  • Every Tryvexan capsule should be swallowed with one proper glass of water.

Money Back Guarantee

VH Nutrition displays its trust in Tryvexan with the Money Back Guarantee, with a 30-day validity. VH Nutrition puts no question to the asking person.

Important Information

VH Nutrition presents some pieces of advice to be taken seriously while bearing in the mind the considerable effectiveness here. This effective supplement should become part of the food routine after your doctor okays. Similarly, a pregnant, breastfeeding, unhealthy use can only start using if the doctor nods. This product is not a medicine. Hence, this VH Nutrition developed product cannot help in finding, taking care, or stop catching a disease and likewise.

Ingredient Profile

Though the processing, quality, and dosage contribute to the effective of Tryvexan food supplement, yet ingredients play a pivotal role. VH Nutrition publishes on the label basic ingredient information, such as,Eurycoma, Panax Ginseng, Pine Bark Extract, Epimedium, Ashwagandha and MuiraPuama. The following lines shine VH Nutrition chosen ingredients as much as accommodated by the passage.

Horny Goat Weed

Health experts rather know Horny Goat Wee as Epimedium, which is an erectile aid in the guise of a herb serving the aphrodisiac objectives set by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Testosterone production, the cardiovascular system and cognitive working of the brain exhibit improvement. Its name may sound amusing but laboratories affirm that Epimedium is worth its salt. Take the example of Icari in found here, which is known aid.

Tongkat Ali

The repute of a fertility agent makes VH Nutrition comprise it Tryvexan. Clinical finding present Tongkat Ali fit-for-purpose. The sperm motility is what helps here in fertility matters. There are findings registering 44% increase. Similar results have been penned in testosterone related figures. After that, VH Nutrition finds Tongkat Ali induced upward moment in the sex drive and libido count convincing up for people to swarm at the internet to buy it. The erectile regime too extracts advantages. VH Nutrition formula appreciates for Tongkat Ali presence in the food supplement resists early ejaculation. A happy state of mind is a concrete help to wring further gains from this VH Nutrition product. This principle applies in sex and overall well being. A person does and enjoys sex in quite well. These VH Nutrition chosen elements lower cortisol fluid which is quite acidic for sex potential and other things.


PanaxGensing adds the third sling to Tryvexan bow by consolidating sex ability with a girlfriend. PanaxGensing involves here at the cue of VN Nutrition. This Gensing joins hands with Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed and other elements to fix erectile dysfunction. The other gain is an increased nitric oxide production. This matter relaxes blood carrying pipes so that more blood can reach the penis to swell into some wood. If a generous amount of blood is available at the drop of the hat, repeated erections will no longer be a cry for the moon. Anxiety too does not spare any function or part of the body including the sex function. Panax Ginseng brings down its intensity too. A mind with less anxiety can give better results in sexual intercourse’s. Early ejaculation eclipse ideal orgasm plans in men of every age. VS Nutrition carries a good solution to early ejaculation in Tryvexan capsules.