Supergoop presents Velaire Anti Aging Cream to keep the skin of feet hand hands ever young, which is the raison d’être of the following.

Some of us may not know that UVA rays easily get through glass fitted in cars, offices, residences etc., and establish contact with our skin. The delicacy of the skin masking our hands and feet is the usual prey. Supergoop comes with a luxurious and quick absorbent lotion that saves vitrifies hand with active and solid support from SPF40, which is an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen. The said approach is made by efficacious antioxidants, skin vitrifying oils that are naturally available. The application of Forever Young gives an experience marked by subtle fragrance being oozed by a mixture of tangerine, cardamom and eucalyptus.

What Makes It That Effective?

  • Supergoop employs nourishing and moisturizing potential of argon as well as meadow foam. Besides, the presence of these elements leaves neither greasy nor heavy feel.
  • Next, the big packing of Velaire Anti Aging Cream (300ml or 10 floz) is provided in such size that suits the cup holders (in cars, buses, trains, etc.) The big size, that is, one fluid ounce or 30ml, has been designed to fit in the bad in a smooth manner.
  • Velaire Anti Aging Cream won two awards of Best of Beauty and Best Hand Cream from Allure, a magazine, for three successive years.

The Targeted Audience

Supergoop manufactures it as suitable for all skin categories, encompassing dry, aged, and dehydrated skin categories. The one fluid ounce packing of Velaire Anti Aging Cream is available for $12.00 on supergoop dot com. The other packing of ten fluid ounces or 300 ml costs $38.00. The pump needs to be turned anti-clockwise to allow pumping the lotion.

How To Apply?

Supergoop advises the user to apply the Velaire Anti Aging Cream in a generous manner. Second, the application should be complete about fifteen minutes before going into the sunlight or visit a place illuminated by UV emitting lights. According to Supergoop, an efficacious approach occurs if the user keeps a bottle in one’s purse so that there is no delay when there rises protection against photo and UV damage. According to the manufacturer, the application of said brand should be repeated after the lapse of every one hundred twenty minutes. If the user finds an occasion to swim or there comes a situation causing sweating, water-resistant sunscreen happens to be the right approach. A professional piece of advice should be sought before applying to the skin of an infant below six months of age.

Why This Supergoop Brand?

A question might pop up that why this Supergoop crafted brand. Well, there are many sunscreen brands but their users do not feel good. Supergoop leaves no stone unturned to develop such lotion that will earn appreciation from an entire family. Being lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky, and quick absorbent makes it earn respect. Then, Supergoop is a sole example in the horizon of skincare brand that pays complete attention to sun-protection offering solutions in particular. Top of the list protection takes the form of Super Broad Spectrum, assembling a shield against IRA, UVB and UVA rays.


Supergoop does not belittle the safety element in Velaire Anti Aging Cream at all. There are certain features that bear out that safety gets attention as does efficacy at Supergoop.

Exclusion of Nanoparticles

Supergoop does not include nano particles in Forever Young brand. Manufacturers turn to nanotechnology to develop sunscreen by shrinking Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide particles to such small level that will not fashion opaque or white appearance on the skin surface. This much shrinking helps content get into the skin to a deeper level. This deep approach has adverse potential. What compounds the practicality is dearth of relevant research to take either side. This shortcoming nudges Supergoop to take a safe side by not availing the nanotechnology.

Gluten Free

Gluten though entails the staple food, yet it can be devastating for some people. This reason excludes gluten from the Velaire Anti Aging Cream ingredient profile completely.


Supergoop develops Forever Young on a vegan pattern. Hence, it is vegan in all respects.

Vitamin A Excluded

Supergoop excludes vitamin A in Forever Young cream as vitamin A is no longer in good books of Environmental Working Group. Excerpts from an FDA conducted cancer study suggests that skin tumor can grow fast in presence of vitamin A in a given sunscreen. The findings of National Toxicology Panel suggest more or less the same. This safety precaution reinforces the safety outlook of Velaire Anti Aging Cream.

Exclusion of Controversial Ingredients

Health experts agree that synthetic fragrances, parabens, and oxybenzone are controversial so there are not present in Forever Young cream. The primary purpose of parabens is bacteria growth prevention. However, what paintsparaben controversial is mimicking estrogen, and contributing to the possible contingency of reproductive issues and breast cancer. Supergoop does include paraben for said factors. Besides, oxybenzone appears in ingredient profile of many sunscreen brands. What fancies to oxybenzone is its power to save skin from UV radiation.

There is a flip side as well. Oxybenzone penetrates into the skin and can stir disruption, and cell damage. Both can invite cancer. The prospects are so dark that the American Academy of Dermatology considers is evil enough to earn the title of Allergen of the Year. This reason nudges Supergoopto refrain from oxybenzone. This exclusion reinforces the safety feature here.


Velaire Anti Aging Cream is cruelty-free. Supergoops says it does not test the working of Forever cream by testing on animals. This, it follows a non-animal cruelty sunscreen approach. Besides the finished product, no making elements of Forever are tested by Supergoop. What is more, Supergoop does not buy ingredient from firms that make animals springboard for their products. Laboratories certify that Forever Young cream is certified on the benchmark of cruelty-free.

Ok for Kids

The safety features here by Supergoop make Velaire Anti Aging Cream fit-for-purpose for kids’ use. It is better to visit a pediatrician.