Axis Labs presents a top notch product bases on Nitric Oxide under the name of VerutumRX. Its chief contribution to the user wellbeing is regulating Nitric Oxide Synthase, a compound that is responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the body. VerutumRX comes with the power of the most powerful Arginine. Name of that Arginine is Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HC1, and it is it this combination that makes the said source of energy stick out of mile.

This is how, Axis Labs empowers a person to do heavy pumps that are bound to stir up strength and even better muscle stimulation. Besides, Nitric Oxide Synthase, there is Beta-Alanine, which facilitates the product of Carnosine in the body. This element helps the body to counter challenge of fatigue while taking exercises in a given gym. The exercising experiences a smooth sailing. In other words, use of the said Axis Labs product helps the user to get superior output and even in a quick way.

Main Features

The following features describe main characteristics and make it easy for people to know what it is. One container of VerutumRX Power is good for thirty workouts. Then, it is up-regulating of Nitric Oxide generation in the body. It becomes possible to take extra ordinary exercise with it. This mixture is bound to bless the body with the noticeable strength. Positive effects reach deep inside the fibre of muscles. The Protein Synthesizing gets even better.  The process of Lipolysis becomes even better in the user body. Sexual health gets better.

Category Supremacy

VerutumRX is an outstanding product because it has got more to offer when compared with other products. It is because Axis Labs manufactures it on modern methods.  As a result, people are going to get noticeable results.

Anabolic Hyper-Vasodilation System

The substance Arginine leads to the production of Nitric Oxide in the body and the process that gives this result completes after many phases. Many products that claim to have lot of Nitric Oxide potential fails to give that stated benefit because the body cannot make use of alleged massive amount of Arginine. Therefore, big figure of constituents prove to be good for nothing. As written in the start of the passage, the notion of Nitric Oxide is in thrall to Nitric Oxide Synthase. However, human does not have a generous amount of the said substance, i.e., Nitric Oxide Synthase, despite the amount of Nitric Oxide in a given body.

The level of Nitric Oxide in the body is supposed to be in direct proportion to that of the regulator. Axil Labs have devised a method to stir up the Nitric Oxide Synthase in the body. This devise carried the name of Arachidonic Acid. This type of acid makes Nitric Oxide Synthase goes out a mile, though by means of a complex process. Arachidonic Acid comes from the such layer of muscle which bears the name of Phospholipids while pumping in an exercise and having come out from that layer; it gets transformed into Prostaglandins (PGE2. It is this compound that has the ability of making Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) work so that grounds can be prepared for a great product of Nitric Oxide in the body.

Intake Ratio

There is another advantage of this powerful VerutumRX that a person does not need to ingest it all days in a week. Taking it from 4 to 5 days a week is just fine. The user can feel the power within days so that a person can do harder exercise in quite a short time, which owes to an effective and quick resulting anabolic making element. Axis Labs is designed to give the feeling of improvement within a week or so. There are many instances where people were able to increase mass, rather lean mass, in the span of a month. Fat reduction too registers noteworthy improvement.


The label of VerutumRX carries a list of ingredient that adds several slings to the bow of the said brand crafted by Axis Labs. The available space allows mention of only two ingredients.

Arachidonic Acid

Axis Labs prides in blending Arachidonic Acid in the food supplement and thus becomes some rare brands in the wellbeing market attempts to make the best use of Nitric Oxide. The user athletes, body builders, weight lifters, etc., are bound to feel the power that have not thought of hitherto. It is because Arachidonic Acid that is forerunner of Prostaglandins which signals the molecules to work more for the greater benefit of the body.

Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCI

Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCI is an esterified molecule of Arginine which makes chemical dissolving in the body easier. In addition, the blend of Ethyl takes care of its integrity least is should get degraded by providing it to the body in small amounts.

How To Use This Axis Labs’ Product?

Axis Labs provisions 30 gel bases servings in a container and six pills comprise a serving. Axis Labs recommends that a user should take a serving about half an hour before going to the gym or taking some exercise. Six pills are sufficient for a day, and no extra pills intake is advisable. Besides, maximum days these should be used are five days in the week and two days should be spent without taking any VerutumRX pills. If possible, the user can use some multivitamin, which is bound to increase the result.


Keep VerutumRX out of reach of children. Axis Labs proscribes it for under 18 people, carrying a baby in their womb, or nursing a baby. Axis Labs considers it sane to see a doctor before consumption. This food supplement is proscribed as long as a person is in a medical condition. The same restriction applies in the case of some medical treatment. In addition, a restrict type of diet marked by red meat too has the same restriction. One can turn to when these are over. Axis Labs advises to stop use the said brand soft gel pills if these start stirring up some health issue.