Vital Progenix is one Vaxxen Labs’ supplement to build muscles. Vaxxen Labs puts Vital Progenix on sale on its website. Typing Progenix in the browser:

  1. Introduces the product
  2. Informs usage directions
  3. Reveals FAQs
  4. Presents reviews
  5. Sells Vital Progenix

According to Progenix, Vaxxen Labs sells Vital Progenix for $79.99. Vital Progenix tags are:

  • 19-Nor
  • Anabolic
  • Prohormone

Besides, 80 Reward Points comprise another attraction on Progenix. 19-Nor-DHEA Blend features Vital Progenix. Vaxxen Labs achieves muscle building. Vaxxen’s this efficacious pro-anabolic cursor serves muscle building 600% better than testosterone. Furthermore, Progenix finds:

  1. Vital Progenix resulting fewer Androgenic harms.
  2. Consumer bragging muscle gains.
  3. Estrogen not increasing.
  4. Better healing working injuries
  5. Consumer progressing fast

Smooth Returns Progenix says Vital Progenix returning invites no grilling. 30-day Vaxxen Labs’ return policy.

Quick Shipping

1-2 days are Vital Progenix orders shipping time, says Progenix.

Manufacturing Features

Not only Vital Progenix, but also all Vaxxen Labs products’ manufacturing occurs:

  1. In NSF certified facility
  2. In FDA-Inspected facility
  3. According to GMP

What Is It?

Vital Progenix functions as:

  1. An Anabolic Precursor Prohormone
  2. Known as Norandrostenediol
  3. Alternative name is NorAndrost-4-ene-3b-ol
  4. 17-one features it
  5. 17-one transforms into Nandrolone
  6. Nandrolone exhibits 6:1 Anabolic / Androgenic Ratio

Usage Instructions Progenix says advises taking one Vital Progenix pill in the:

  1. morning
  2. evening Progenix saysadds overdosing said Vaxxen Labs’ feat is proscribed. Some may find chewing Vital Progenix better than swallowing. Progenix’s information is below. Vital Progenix pills’ production feature Liposomal Technology. It is patented. Liposomal technology entails hormone coating.

Fatty membrane is Vital Progenix pills’ coating approach. Vaxxen Labs provides safe passage to Vital Progenix pills through:

  1. Liver
  2. Intestines

No wonder:

  1. 99% absorption
  2. 99% conversion

are Liposomal Technology consequents. Hence, Progenix advises keeping eyes on the ball of Vaxxen Labs’ crafted usage instructions.

Storage guidance too is Progenix says advises storage:

  1. Should be cool
  2. Free from moisture
  3. Away from light

Stacking Progenix informs stacking with Vaxxen Labs other products:

  1. Axxis (4-DHEA)
  2. Androxx (1-DHEA)

is possible as a pie. Reaching targets grow easier. Raison d’être of Vital Progenix is:

  1. Building lean muscle
  2. Promoting lean muscle

Vital Progenix’s benevolence surges when:

  • Axxis adds:
    • Synergy
    • Testosterone base

A Flipside Progenix reveals a flipside too, i.e., converting to estrogen. The conversion rate is 20%. Hence, Vaxxen Labs advises an aromatase inhibitor. Vaaxxstane is a proper one. Unwanted estrogenic harms controllable. PCT is next advice from Progenix. Rather, Progenix finds a PCT an imperative.

Safe For Liver

Not Methylated, says Progenix. Simply, Vital Progenix isn’t harmful. Liver works smoothly. Liver-friendliness signifies Vital Progenix serves for long time. 6-8 weeks at a stretch. Safely too.

Words of Caution Progenixcrafts words of caution. Caution adds to the practicality sheen.

  1. Keep it away from children.
  2. Not suitable for under-18
  3. See a doctor if Vital Progenix would-be consumer:
    1. Has A Family history of:
      1. Prostrate Cancer
      2. Prostrate Enlargement
  • Heart issues
  1. Low Cholesterol, i.e., HDL
  1. Consums a dietary supplement
  2. Takes prescribed medicine
  3. Takes over-the-counter medicine
  1. Don’t overdose. Overdosing tempts health hazards. For instance:
    1. Acne
    2. Hair-loss
    3. Facial hair growth
    4. Aggressiveness
    5. Irritation
    6. Raised estrogen
    7. Deepened voice
  2. com/buy/Vital Progenix advises calling for a doctor if Vital Progenix consumption results:
    1. heart thumping
    2. dizziness
    3. blurred vision
  3. com/buy/Vital Progenix informs hormones comprising Vital Progenix by Vaxxen Labs.
  4. Don’t take Vital Progenix if hormones based elixirs are proscribed.

Ingredient Profile

  1. com/buy/Vital Progenix reveals Vaxxen Labs chooses 19-NorDHEA Blend to drive Vital Progenix. Vaxxen Labs sets 19-NorDHEA Blend potency 75mg.
  2. com/buy/Vital Progenix shows Vaxxen Labs choosing 19-NorAndost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17 one empowering Vital Progenix in its objectives.
  3. com/buy/Vital Progenix shows Vaxxen Labs choosing 19-NorAndost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17 one Decanoate empowering Vital Progenix in its objectives.
  4. com/buy/Vital Progenix shows Vaxxen Labs choosing 19-NorAndost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17 oneEnnthate empowering Vital Progenix in its objectives. Progenix adds Other Ingredients smoothing Norex’s objectives. These are:

  1. Titanium Dioxide
  2. Stearic Acid
  3. Starch
  4. Silica
  5. Phytosterol
  6. Phosphatidylcholine
  7. Microcrystalline Cellulose
  8. Magnesium Stearate
  9. Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin
  10. FD and C Red # 20
  11. FD and C Blue # 1

Product Features Progenix shows Vaxxen Labs priding in Lean Mass materializing Vital Progenix. Vital Progenix role is:

  1. a delivering pro-anabolic forerunner.
  2. Less harmful Androgenic repurcussions.
  3. Bigger muscles
  4. Quicker workout injury recovery
  5. Faster progress
  6. Controlled Estrogen
  7. Friendly towards liver
  8. 600% more productive.

Besides the list, Progenix shows further slings in Vital Progenix’s bow.

High Anabolic Ratio

Low testosterone signifies fewer muscle gains. Pro-anabolic Vital Progenix:

  1. Grows muscle
  2. Grows power

Liver Friendly

Not all:

  1. Steroids
  2. Pro-hormones

are liver friendly. Vaxxen Labs ensures an exception, i.e., Vital Progenix. Being non-Methylated supports it. No more liver screwing.

Consistent Lean Muscle Gain

Steroids stir estrogen rise. Vital Progenix of Vaxxen Labs doesn’t. Benefits without side effects.

Faster Recovery Progenix shows Vital Progenix:

  1. Alleviates Low-DHEA-strung glitches and issues:
    1. Mood disorders
    2. Inflammation
    3. Sexual dysfunction
    4. Muscle loss
  2. Muscle building paces up

Liposomal Delivery System

Partial nutrient absorption isn’tfruitful. Rather, a glitch. Is it possible? Taking:

  1. Vitamins
  2. Supplements

simultaneously cause it. Vital Progenix brings a solution. Liposomal Deliver System. Additional protective layer adds glitter to the gold. Absorption grows better. The Liposomal inflates Vital Progenix absorption.

  1. Health gets maximized
  2. Results grow tangible

The Blend Progenix shows, a prohormone, i.e., 19-NorAndros-4-ene-3b-ol, 17 one empowering Vital Progenix. 17-one becomes Nandrolone. Nandrolone’s yield takes after that of testosterone, rather 600% greater. However, structures don’t match. Number 19 Carbon Atom strikes difference. Hydrogen atoms join.Sufferings of:

  1. Prostrate
  2. Androgenic


Gains are:

  1. Muscle size
  2. Muscle strength

Time-Releasing Esters

With Time-Releasing Esters, Vital Progenix:

  1. Raises fat solubility.
  2. Decreases water solubility.

Hence, compounds join muscles. Their stay in blood shortens. Their benevolence grows stronger. Vaxxen Labs blended two esters are:

  1. 19-NorAndrost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17-one Decanoate
  2. 19-NorAndrost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17-one Enanthate

About Vaxxen Labs

Whether Vaxxen Labs or Vital Progenix, target is same:

  1. Health goal materialization
  2. Fitness goal realization
  3. Aided by:
  4. Scientific research
  5. Actionable info
  6. GMP guidance
  7. NSF-Certification
  8. FDA-Inspected set-up adds further.