VitaMood+, the manufacturing concern of WellMind, believes that relief should not be available to people at the cost of side effects. Side effects vary from mild to serious on the infliction scale. In order to provide relief without the nagging issue of side effects, VitaMood+ turns to nature. The principle approach of VitaMood+ to provide relief without invoking side effects is to bolster the immune system of the body that is blessed by nature so such extent that medical problems cannot be able to stir any inconvenience.

For this reason, VitaMood+ comes with six products ranges

  1. VitaMood+to resolve issues of Sleep and Mental Activity
  2. VitaMood+ T-Relief to serve the purpose of Pain Management
  3. VitaMood+ ReBoost to resolve issues of Cold and Flu
  4. VitaMood+ Allergy Relief under the title of Clear Life
  5. VitaMood+ Body Anew serving the cleansing purpose.
  6. VitaMood+ BHI

Why This Brand?

However, raison d’être of the following lines is solely VitaMood+, which has been crafted to keep the mind in an alert position. Besides, it gives a number of advantage to various mind functions. This range of solution is composed of two VitaMood+ products. The overall advantages of the range are in the following.


Whenever mind gets exhausting by carrying out chores, the exhaustion stifles the clarity, sharpness, and memorizing attributes of mind. Daily intake of VitaMood+ increases the ability of the mind to think clearly.


Tablet are natural and chewable. In addition, these taste either organic lemon or stevia.

Safe For Human Use

There is no known health issue associated with the use of VitaMood+ products. There are further attributes that foster the safety attribute. For instance, the VitaMood+ product are non-addictive. These do not give jittery effects either. VitaMood+ rules out the overstimulating effect of the WellMind products. Last but not the least, WellMind does not post overdose issue.

Money Back Guarantee

Even the Money Back Guarantee in the case of VitaMood+ stands on a higher pedestal. The reason is that VitaMood+ says that use their product and even after the use of the product the user does not feel better, one can send the empty bottle along with the receipt to claim the refund.

The Individual Product Review

There are two product in VitaMood+, WellMind Focus Tablets, and WellMind Calming Tablets

Focus Tablets

The chief function of Focus Tablets is to flourish the mental sharpness, its ability to retain whatever has been learnt and to think clearly.

Chief Benefits and Ingredients

The following lines carry the description of natural ingredients that constitute VitaMood+

  • Anacardium Oriental 6X in WellMind purges the mind of mental fatigue.
  • Cocculus Indicus 4X in the said tables adds to the alert level of the mind.
  • Conium Maculatum in WellMind tablets offers assistance in keeping fog at an arm’s length from the mind.
  • Selenium Metallicum 6X softens the grip of fatigue on the mind.
  • Selenium Metallicum 12X works an antidote to exhaustion of mind.
  • Selenium Metallicum 30X free the mind from the clutches of fatigue.

Focus Tablets Usage Instructions

  • VitaMood+ advises teenager and adults to take three tablets a day. There should be a gap of four to six hours between each swallowing. However, VitaMood+ advises people to seek expert opinion of some expert in the case of adolescents’ usage.
  • In case one or more than one stated-in-the-above symptoms emerge, adults and teenager should begin taking one tablet after each hour or half an hour until symptoms become alleviated. After lessening of symptoms, one can choose to revert to standard WellMind dosage.
  • Do not use more than 12 Focus Tablets in 24 hours in any condition.

Words of Caution                                                                                                                             

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Suitable for neither pregnant nor nursing ladies.
  • One should not go for itif the user is aware of the reaction of any VitaMood+making elements.
  • VitaMood+ did not develop as the substitute for sleep.
  • If symptoms do not subsidize or begin taking some worse condition after WellMind solution, see a doctor.
  • VitaMood+ asks not to use WellMind if seal or cap is not intact.
  • VitaMood+ advises not to chew it because these are dis solvable in the saliva of mouth.

WellMind Calming Tablets

These Calming Tablets hailing from the WellMind category and their basic function is to relieve a person from small and infrequent tension and irritation. This relief enables the user to fall fast asleep. These tablets become able to provide relief because of their content, or ingredients.

  • Avena Sativa 2X in Calming Tablets frees brains from uncomplicated nervous tension.
  • Coffea Cruda 12X keeps irritability at bay.
  • Passiflora Incarnata 3X in Calming Tablets helps the mind to repel simple nervous tension.
  • VitaMood+ includes Sepia 4X because this compound treats infrequent sleeplessness.
  • Valeriana Officinalis 2X empowers Calming Tablets to overpower periodic sleeplessness.
  • Calming Tablets offer control over periodic sleeplessness because of Valeriana Officinal is 10X.
  • Occasional sleeplessness cannot haunt because of the presence of Valeriana Officinalis 30X in VitaMood+ Calming Tablets.
  • There is no need to chew Calming Tablets because these get dissolved in the saliva of mouth.
  • Just like in the case of first VitaMood+ product, ingredients here too are natural.

Usage Directions

VitaMood+ provides usage instructions so that the user can make the best use of Calming Tablets.

  • According to VitaMood+, an adult or teenager should swallow three tablets a day. The user must not take three tablets at a time, rather one should give the gap of 4 to 6 hours between each intake.
  • In the case of children below 12, one should get a nod from a doctor before administering Calming Tablets.
  • In the case of any symptom (as stated in the introduction of Calming Tablets), the user (either an adult or a teenager). The intake of tablets should not go beyond 12 Calming Tablets in 24 hours.

Words of Caution

  • Keep it away from children.
  • Not fit-for-purpose for children below 12 years.
  • Calming Tablets should be administered to pregnant women or nursing women.
  • If Calming Tablets fail treating sleeplessness or nervous tension for a fortnight despite the intake, see a doctor.
  • The occurrence of Insomnia may owe to underlying serious illness.
  • As a matter of fact, Calming Tablets come from the homoeopathic field of medication. As a result, transitional aggravation may take place but it is bound to disappear soon. The emergence of an allergic reaction is rare in the case of VitaMood+ Calming Tablets.