VTL Male Enhancement comes with an efficacious solution for overweight people by the name of SX-7 Revolution. The complete name of the solution is Hydroxycut SX-7 Revolution Ultimate Thermogenic. However, this passage will prune the title for the sake of convenience to VTL Male Enhancement. VTL Male Enhancement promises that a surge in energy, weight shedding based on a modern approach and sharper focus will take place in the user’s body by such a method that is marked by the ultimate thermionic notion. There Sx-7 Revolution comes with another exclusive feature, ComboCap, which is marked by the Dual-Delivery technology. In simple words, VTL Male Enhancement relies on such technology of capsule that kills two birds with one stone.

Modus Operandi

VTL Male Enhancement is able to give results with the help of such dose of caffeine anhydrous that earned the nod from the stake holder after relevant research studies piled up. For example, one study that stands by C. CanephoraRobusta, informs the reader a certain human subject was able to shed the weight of 10.95 lbs in 60 days. The link providing the detailed information can be perused on the official website of the making entity, VTL Male Enhancement.

The Making Entity

VTL Male Enhancement is not a new entrant. The health and fitness market of the USA is already resonating with the said entity. This echoing would not have been possible, had the given entity not given any results. Hydroxycut Muscle SX-7 is an improved approach towards a given health solution.

Blazing a New Trail

VTL dawns on the horizon of weight loss food supplement with a new approach where one capsule serves two purposes at the same time. The Dual Deliver Combination Capsule is claimed to be the first solution of its kind that American market provides to needy men. Powder format of the solution has been a favorite way out for the manufacturer because it ensures the right dose even if there are several ingredients, rather active ingredients. In other words, powder catches the fancy of manufacturers because this form of matter can carry right dosage irrespective of the count of active ingredients on the one hand and then deliver on the other hand. However, manufacturers have to take the side of the liquid form of the matter in particular cases.

The usage of CLA requires a liquid form of matter to deliver in an efficient manner. In the case of VTL Male Enhancement, the user gets Dual-Delivery. Thus, Hydroxycut SX-7 becomes able to outshine its competitors. An impregnable membrane between both halves ensures the integrity of the both forms of the matter. Thus, both forms of matter in both halves retain their quick benefit unfurling qualities.Besides, the user gets a low count of fillers on the one hand and a greater concentration of strong and effective ingredients on the other hand. In other words, a given user become able to take maximum advantages without inviting any trouble.

Some particular qualities of the capsule are listed in the following.


The liquid pill carries Clarinol A-95 CLA, which is the superb manifestation of linoleic acid so far.

The Membrane

VTL Male Enhancement provides such kind of membrane in the capsule that is the result a perfect combination of man, matter, and machine. That is why SX-7 becomes able to deliver. In the field of food supplement, the Combo Cap is one of its own kind. Rather, the first approach to serve two purposes. This novel type of pill relies on the hermetic type of seal so that matter from neither side can come together.


  • VTL Male Enhancement provides caffeine in VTL Male Enhancement capsules for three particular purposes;
  • Greater Focus,
  • Thermogenesis
  • Energy

The official website says on the basis of a link that C. Canephora Robusta helped sampled people to shed almost 11 pounds of weight over the period of 60 days. It goes without saying that there such diet that carried fewer calories.

Two Functions At The Same Time

SX-7 uses dual delivery capsule which is the first such approach in the world of food supplements.  This coupling makes each capsule of the said branch, a very powerful solution to fat reducing targets. The dual action capsules become able to unfurl active making elements so that capsules can prove their high potency.  In other words, one capsule of VTL Male Enhancement is actually two capsules in the packing of the single capsule. The superb quality screen in the middle of capsule retains the integrity of both capsules. Thus VTL Male Enhancement introduces such efficacious approach that is free from any side effect. The contained liquid carries VTL Male Enhancement making elements in a stable form in the liquid form. The world beholds that VTL Male Enhancement employs a hermetical method to seal the membrane so that other content can remain stable in the other half.


  • Clarinol, which is the pristine form of CLA, measured 95 at the percentage mark.
  • Lion’s Mane, a mushroom with the scientific name of Hericium Erinaceus, provides superb Hericenone in VTL Male Enhancement.
  • Huperzine A and Choline Bitartrate helps SX-7 to serve its admirer safely and effectively.
  • Besides, there are;
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Yohimbe Bark in the extract form
  • C.Canephora Robusta

How to Consume VTL Male Enhancement?

The usage methods here are marked by evaluating the tolerance level of each and every admirer of VTL Male Enhancement admirer. The notion of tolerance can be ascertained by taking one capsule twice a day. In other words, the user should take two capsules for one or two days. When smooth sailing is established, one can begin taking two capsules twice a day. From the day three, one can continue taking for capsules a day. The maximum period allowed to a person is 8 weeks. A person should stretch the VTL Male Enhancement usage time for more than 8 weeks or 60 days. VTL Male Enhancement adds that the user should keep the gap from half an hour to an hour between the SX-7 capsules and the major meals, i.e., breakfast and lunch. These Hydroxycut capsules should not be taken more than 4 in the total time of 24 hours. Good diet and proper training will add glitter to gold.