The latest Portland production is for the Wiki Trader binary options scam. This is a typical script, typical lie, and typical scam. At this point they all look the same to me. The moment I see them in their per hour rented luxury home and car, then on the private jet that does a quick turn above Portland, and finally in the same office all of the other scams are filmed with a new sticker of the latest scam name on it I know that many people will be hit hard.

Product Name: The Wiki Trader

Niche: Binary Options Software


This typical binary options scam has the push for time, the incentives, the lies, and all of the heavy promotion required to get it off the ground and robbing people. They have invested not only a lot into the promo website, but also in fake reviews, which is the key combination to getting people to fall for it. Though they try and hide where this scam is filmed, from the first scene it is easy to tell by the equipment and actors. The rest? All lies as well.

What is the Wiki Trader Scam?

This is another binary options automated robot scam. They claim that you will make $8600 per month, but in the video they go as far as $35K a month. There are numerous inconsistencies in the claims, their lies, and the overall software.


Watch the first Wiki Trader video.

The video is nearly 20 minutes long, it consists of Kelly taking you through her home, through Portland, onto a plane, and in the office all the while repetitively trying to lure you into the scam.


She claims her name is Kelly Wallace, but no such person as pictured above exists. This is nothing more than another actress from Portland. WikiTrader is not a registered company and does not exist, there is no office, no contact, no employees, nothing.


She is actually actress Johanna Hart from Portland.


You are not familiar with her as she has done nothing of the sort.


This is a lie, and quite inconsistent with what is claimed in the website, not to mention impossible with a software like this.


Wait, so is it $8.6K, $35K, or $12K a day? These are some drastic differences!


The typical flight, common with numerous other Portland productions.


Right, perhaps it will also know how your acting career, if there is one to speak of, will crash after participating in this scam video. Yes, all of the people on this table are actors from Portland.


Basically, he claims there is 100% win rate, impossible with binary options.


Regardless what he says here, because it’s all a lie, I found the screenshot on his computer quite interesting. It recently came up in a review that the logo is in a broker’s page. Considering that they are not brokers, but offer a trading software, this is rather odd and off.


Of course, with the slight change in color and the new logo, this is the exact same screenshot as the Aurum Tech scam featured in their website. Again, this is a broker page and should feature the broker logo not the scam software logo.


Well, doesn’t this bad acting and face look familiar?


Here he is in all his glory, Mr. Richard Ewing from the Multiplexer Scam, Mr. Mark Bromovich from the Profits Infinity Scam, and actor Glen Baggerly.


You can see his profile HERE.


In the first page there are a number of testimonials and a whole bunch of lies. They are all fake and consist of carefully written promo texts combined with stolen profile pictures or heavily cropped stock photos. The fact that they claim that it is 100% risk free, continue to have inconsistent daily incomes dropping to $7,250 this time, and a whole lot about being proven to be successful without actually showing any proof, further confirms that this is nothing more than a scam.

Watch the second Wiki Trader video with controls.


No, you will not. First, trading is only 5 days a week and you will certainly lose your investment faster than it took to watch all of these useless videos.


Is she serious. Can she just say the same sum once? We have dropped further to $5K by the end of the day. Still, far too high of a profit for a mere $250 investment and an obvious scam software.

Here are two more videos that I have found, the Third Video, and the Fourth Video, with full controls.


Here you get a glimpse of the software.


This is the identical software that was recently used for the Orion Code Scam, another Portland production. The software is useless, loses nearly every single trade, and trades your money at random until you have lost it all.


You are lured into a further upsell. To invest another $250 with a different broker.


This secret weapon will cost you even more money.


The absurd amount of money she claims this secret system will make you only proves it’s a fake. There is absolutely no way that she has made that kind of money without anyone hearing about it, let alone through an automated robot.


On top of that, she promises $3K out of her own pocket to one person that signs up. I mean, how is that an incentive if she already claims you will be making over $22 million in a year!?


So, again, invest with a NEW broker in addition to the one you have already registered to lose all of your investment.


Of course, once you have invested your money you will get the sad news that you were not that one selected member.


There is no wire payment, there is no out of pocket money, and there is no profit with this software.


The IP Address of the Wiki Trader scam reveals all the more.


On this one IP Address there are 10 other binary option scam websites. This is no coincidence, these are sites released by the same scam artists that are behind the Wiki Trader Scam.


There are two more domains that are currently not working as well. They too are binary options scams.

It has proven to be very difficult to find a quality binary options trading software. In fact, so much so, that the systems I have come to trust can easily be counted on one hand. One thing is for sure, the Wiki Trader is a scam and identical to the many other scams out there robbing people of their hard earned money.