As the title suggests X Keto Diet is mainly about protein. Amazing Grass is its manufacturer that is based in the USA. Just like the title, the product is amazing as well. The following lines describe a perspective that contributes to the amazing adjective here.

Nine Fruits And Vegetables

Amazing grass blends nine different vegetables and fruit to make Super Food into real superfood. The list bears names of Pineapple, Acai, Sweet Potato and so on. What is more, all are organic.

Alkalizing Greens

Greens that comprise X Keto Diet comes from a farm from Kansas are fresh and some of those have alkalizing impact measured as 7-gram potency. These are spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and broccoli.

Plant-Based Protein

The 29-gram potency of protein is extracted from Hemp, Pea, Quinoa, and Chia. All these not only grown but also harvested on the soil of the USA, including processing.

Main Benefits

The benefits range may fit a number of passages. But the limited space decrees that these should be stated in a precise manner.

  • Top of the list is the appearance of lean muscles, which not only alludes to good looks but also good health. A body with fewer fats is bound to be quicker, a giler and even more disease resistant.
  • At the second place, it is satiating of hunger. It is not a mere fulfillment but also a solid help for those people who find themselves helpless at the hands of their appetite
  • Then, the ingredient range in X Keto Diet assures that there is energy in body least some objective should remain unaccomplished.
  • After this, there is the turn of digestion. Being natural, green, and organic, their digestion is quite easy for the body. Thus, there are fewer digesting issues. Besides, an efficient digestion suggestion better and quick use of ingredients.
  • Following on from that, a user gets the balanced nutrition in the form of the said brand. Provision of required nutrients consolidates health of the user and empowers to lead a life in a better way.
  • At the penultimate point, there are assurances from Amazing Grass that these are made in the USA, Kosher in nature, complies with Vegan standards, and free from GMO and Gluten. Besides, the brand is organic, contains no dairy and egg components, soy is not used in the making here, and finally, does not have soy, tree nuts, and even peanuts.
  • Last but not the least, X Keto Diet comes in three flavors. So, following lines shine those three variants produced by Amazing Grass one by one.

The Original

As the title suggests, this variant has the original flavor. This Super Food variant has two choices in size, ten packets or 12 servings. If a user decides to buy these from the website of Amazing Grass, discount begins pouring in from the purchase of two packs and peaks at 25% over the purchase of nine or in excess of nine products. There is another way to get a discount in the form of recurring orders. Details are available on the website.

The Original variant of Pure Protein brand fits the Organic requirements. When mixed with a fluid, the shake carries protein taken from such plants that are harvest fresh from a family run farm in the USA. Which means maximum retention of water and heat soluble nutrients for the user. The formula of the brand assures consistency in the flavor and blends such texture in the mixture that is cool for eyes. In short, X Keto Diet in The Original flavor is a feast for taste buds as well as body needs.


Vanilla is the second choice in the field of flavor here. Amazing Grass provides this X Keto Diet in this flavor in 11 and 20 serving and 10 packets. Price varies accordingly. It has all the features described in the above-stated paragraph under the heading of The Original and forgoing paragraphs, including discount and ingredient range. The rich vanilla flavor and smooth texture of this variant ensure that the user will always be attracted to this source of multiple health and sexual health benefits.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter is one of the three delicious flavors here. This packing of X Keto Diet comes with 10 packets, 10 and 18 servings. The discount rate method is ditto repetition of discount policies in The Original and Vanilla flavors. Health attributes too are the same.

Usage Guidance

It requires a 12oz volume of water, juice or some smoothie to prepare a mix a scoop to prepare the mixture. The Super Food user can increase the volume of the fluid. The next simple is very simple. In the words of the Amazing Grass, Scoop, Stir, and Smile. Amazing Grass is solidly confident that The Original user is bound to experience an improvement in one’s life which owes to premium, nutritious, and organic making elements from Mother Nature and used by Amazing Grass.

Words of Cautions

There are the few words of cautions about X Keto Diet and these apply to all three stated flavors without any exception.

In case, a given user has some allergies, queries or even reservation, Amazing Grass advises that person to see some expert health care professional or some dietitian who is registered with some competent authority.

Amazing Grass Approach to X Keto Diet

  • The first thing a visitor comes across the modus operandi of Amazing Grass is that the raw material, of course greens, come from farms, not in factories as in the case of several protein-rich food supplements.
  • Winter stands a witness to the growing of grasses.
  • When grass is cutin an efficient way, it is taken in a container marked by dehydrating and chilling attributes.
  • Amazing Grass stores the produce in pellets, an ideal way. The low surface means less vulnerability to the nutrient loss.
  • Sacks coming at par with pharmaceutical packing standard ensures the integrity and the presence of nitrogen checks oxidation.
  • Various procedures and laboratory reports reinforce the integrity of the raw material. The purpose is to provide the almost the same freshness level as the raw material had on the harvesting day.